WTF Wednesday, Ears

It’s no secret that I’ve got big ears. They’re huge really and its okay, I’ve made my peace with it. It’s a trait shared by a lot of the men in my family, and me. I’m not sure why I also inherited the big ear gene but I did. I’m just super lucky I guess.

Big Ears

No, no you won’t. It’s all lies!

What I can’t understand though is why they don’t often work the way one would think they should. I mean just from the sheer size you would think my headphones would easily stay in position when I’m running but no, they fall out regularly. You would also think that I would have some sort of supersonic hearing but Hank barks his head off every morning torturing and teasing the neighbor’s dog and I never ever hear it. I also have a hard time hearing MacGyver sometimes but that could be coincidental….

big ear dog

My ears stick out so far that I can never possibly pull my hair back or expose them, short hair is definitely out of the question. It’s also difficult to wear hats because these ears of mine refuse to be contained. Instead I’m forced to wear visors.

I got teased about it for years. MacGyver still teases me. All. The. Time. My sister and brother used to call me Dumbo.   Yeah, these ears have been ridiculed quite a bit.


Too bad they can’t help me run faster…

Years ago I went to see a plastic surgeon to see about ‘fixing them’. He told me that I have excess cartilage and that is the reason they protrude. He assured me he could fix them for a fee of course. I considered it, for a long time.

dog with big ears

At least I don’t trip over them….so, there’s that.

I never did fix them. I guess I just sort of got used to them. They’re just part of me like any other body part. I don’t particular love them, but I don’t hate them either and that’s the way I’ve felt for years.

Then I saw this:

Channing Tatum

Do you see his ears? Do you?

C. Tatum

That is Channing Tatum my friends, big eared and beautiful Channing Tatum!

Holy shit!
Well, WTF? Channing Tatum has ears just like me.  Just. Like. Me.

4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, Ears

  1. HAHA! This is great. Ears are such a weird body part anyway right? Kids are so cruel and sometimes as adults the things that mattered then just don’t any more. And hey, if Channing can rock them, so can you 🙂

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