WTF Wednesday-Tool time training?

I’ve been trying really hard to commit to my cross training. I’ve been trying really hard to work with weights and do some kind of strength workout at least twice a week as well. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get my shit straight because I have failed miserably, at least for the past 5 or 6 weeks, give or take a year.

zumba fail

             I feel your pain gurl, I’m always a little behind….

The closest I have gotten to any cross training recently has been all of the painting and the 3 hours of tile scraping that we did while working on the bedroom project. I’m counting it as cross training though, I don’t care. I’m sore, therefore it counts.

In fact, it’s going to be a fad now. Home Improvement workouts will be all the rage. On leg days we could have drill squats and on arm days, we could do hammer’s.

hammer time

                       oooops, wrong hammer.

We could call it Tool Time Training or DIY Home and Body Edition, or Working out with Tools….

workouts with tools

                                  but not this tool….

I need to rethink this whole thing…..or maybe I don’t.  Let me stew on it a while.  Oh forget it.  I’ll never be able to think of anything now.  I can’t get that image in the last gif out of my head.

Last thing before I go, I was watching the local news this morning and they interviewed this seemingly normal lady, except when I looked down I saw that she had a rather low-cut sundress on.  Right there over her right breast was the name ‘Bobby‘.   Like, right on the upper part of her breast!  Do you think that’s the name of her right boob?  I’ve been wondering about that all morning.

Ah, WTF, it must be Wednesday!

Go ahead, tell me your WTF moment of the week.

4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday-Tool time training?

    • Yes, it could be that she’s really bad at spelling…or maybe bobby gets one boob and the other is open…maybe she’s taking bids, hehe

      A few months ago I was doing all kinds of squats, I need to get back to them. I didn’t mind them, I even did the 1,000 squat challenge….actually that might be the reason I stopped doing them….hehe

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