WTF Wednesday, Call me Spot

In light of the recent news regarding Rachel Dolezal I’ve come to a decision.  I’ve put a lot of deep thought into this and by no means have I jumped into this decision without serious consideration.

I no longer want to be a human, I am changing to a dog.

me as a dog

I grew up with many animals, in particular, dogs.  I have owned many dogs throughout my adult life and currently, I am raising two of them.  I’ve never been partial to any particular breed and have had many types of dogs including mixed breeds.

Dogs like to walk and run and so do I.  Dogs like to come home after a hard run and veg out on the couch, as do I.

Dogs like to swim.  Me too.  And dogs love to stick their heads out of the car window to sniff the air.  I’ve owned a convertible.  Dogs love a good brushing, I brush my hair somewhat regularly.  Dogs like a good spray from a hose on a hot day, so do I.  I’ve also been known to howl on occasion, also a trait of canines.

Dogs give unconditional love and are very faithful and protective companions.  I am also very loyal to my entire family and I will step in front of a train to save them from danger.

So you see, I ‘identify’ with dogs therefore, I am now a dog, call me Spot.  Yes, I realize I’m talking about changing my species but changing your race is sooooo last week!


              The best response I’ve seen on twitter, ever.

But seriously, Rachel Dolezal claims that she identifies with black people therefore she is black, but in my opinion Ms. Dolezal more closely identifies with someone who is mentally ill and she needs help.  I truly hope she gets some.

WTF?  What is wrong with this woman?

What do you think about Rachel Dolezal?

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