Weekend Recap with a warning.

Happy Monday from somewhere in the vicinity of Venice, Florida!  Yep, we’re still down here.

We left late Friday and headed to the house in Nokomis.  Jayde came over to help me pack.

me and Jayde and Hank

We were all making funny kissy faces. Really. You just can’t see mine.

Jayde was sweet enough to help me figure out some things on my new iPhone, mostly how to use the emoji’s because that’s a pretty important thing you know.  She also helped me pack up for the trip.

Dachshund Hank and Mommy

Because I obviously had to hold the dog.

We arrived late Friday and on Saturday morning I got up and ran 6 miles on the Legacy Trail.  I took a few pics for you.

horse barn

This is the horse barn right off the trail. Usually I stop to talk to the horses. They’re really sweet.  No, they do not talk back, in case you’re wondering.


Fortunately most of the trail is shaded and that’s a good thing because it’s ridiculous hot here and the humidity is crazy bad.

After I finished running MacGyver and I took the dogs for a walk.  It would have been 100% enjoyable except we found 3 syringes!  Two of them still had the needle which made me wonder where on the ground the third needle might have been which is the reason we decided to go home.

We then packed up the car and headed over to Englewood to hang out with MacGyver’s parents who are leaving at the end of this week.

riding in the car

Can you see Boomer, my black lab, in the back? He takes up the entire back of my SUV.

Once we got to Englewood, we headed out on the boat to do some fishing.  I didn’t catch anything but my mother-in-law did.  She caught 2 large snapper thankfully because that’s what we had for dinner!

In case you’re wondering the dolphin showed up and he didn’t take any fish off my line, per se.  What he did do was try to take my bait and then he got hooked on my line, but don’t worry, he knew exactly how to break the line and that’s what he did right before swimming off.  He likes to eat and run, obviously.

We were all on the boat laughing and MacGyver said dolphins are so smart that he could very well have recognized the boat and me and associated us with his food.  I was skeptical but then I found out about these guys:

bird eating from boat

These birds actually come to the boat when you throw the bait net and wait for you to feed them the bad bait.

And they can eat!  That little guy ate about 20 fish in a 30 minute span!

We also had a cormorant that followed us around for an hour or so.  We threw him some bait but then he dove under the boat and came up with a fish that was 10 times the size of our bait, I kid you not.  That cormorant knew how to get his dinner.  We got schooled!


This bird ate the equivalent of his body weight in about an hour.  I wish I had his metabolism!

After fishing for a bit we headed over to the island and got some shells and then headed home.  We kept it low key and cooked at home and then called it a night around 10:30.  The next morning I got up and headed out for a quick run.  I only planned on doing 3 miles since we had a long day planned on the boat but I was super excited because I’ve haven’t run in that area before and I can’t wait to discover it all.

running shirt

And bonus, I got a new shirt for the occasion.

I ran up the the beach road and back and jumped in the pool for a quick cool down and then we all got ready and headed out to sea again.  This time, I caught a snook and a snapper but MacGyver got the biggest fish of the day with this 30″ snapper.

30 inch snook

I’d be gloating too…..too bad they’re not in season and we had to throw it back…

Sometime after 1pm a storm started to blow our way.  It was off in the distance for a while so we thought it might pass over us, it didn’t.

storm coming

Can you tell how dark the skies are? Trust me they were…

Because we have a t-top for fishing we removed the bimini top so we had no cover overhead.  Being the smart guy that he is, MacGyver located a tarp stored under the steering cabinet.  He pulled it out and stretched it over the back half of the boat and we all huddled under it.  After about 10 minutes I started see bees swarming all around me…..

People, that’s a really bad thing.

A. I’m allergic to bees and B. I didn’t bring an epi pen.

Now, this could have been really bad because MacGyver did get stung, but fortunately he isn’t allergic to bees.  He was actually trying to kill all of them as they came toward me.  (He loves me that much!)  I escaped unharmed but I promised my mother-in-law who is a retired nurse that I would share this story with you and warn you that you should ALWAYS carry your epi pen with you!  And she’s right and I’ll be doing that from now on.

We have no idea where the bees came from but there were shit tons of them and they seemingly came out of nowhere!

After that scary incident we headed home and got dressed for dinner.


See, I’m unscathed!

We decided to go to Bonefish Grill since we hadn’t been in a while and we weren’t disappointed.  It was awesome.

dining out

Or maybe it wasn’t and the wine just masked it….nah, it was delish!

After dinner we headed back to Nokomis and I got some snuggle time with the puppies.  How cute is this little guy?

puppy kisses

He makes funny faces too, check it out:

Dachshund funny face

And just because I don’t want my other fur baby to feel left out, here’s my Boomer.

black lab

My super sweet gentle giant!


We’re still in Nokomis today taking care of some last minute things…actually that’s what I’m doing.  MacGyver is fishing.  I’ll be back to my regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.  I can’t speak for MacGyver though, the fishing is pretty damn good right now….

Did you run this weekend?
Did you race?
Did you go on a vacation?

4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap with a warning.

  1. In Japan, they fish with cormorants.

    I only ran once 🙁 . Last week, I decided to start to do just a mile and try to maintain at 9 min to better my pace. And then run whatever after that.

    • I love that! I should learn more about the cormorants, we have several that live in our pond and they’re pretty awesome creatures.

      I like your strategy for pace and I want to hear how it’s working…:)

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