Treadmill woes and Asbestos Tiles

We’re always having fun around here…..

I got up this morning at 5:45 and by 6:50 I made it out to the treadmill. It’s on my lanai, in case you care. Anyhow, I was about 1.2 or 1.3 miles in and the power shut off, in the entire house. It wasn’t like the last time when I outran the power, no, this time a storm somewhere in the vicinity caused the power to go out and then turn back on.


                What? Power surge? Seriously? Dammit!

It took me a second to get back up to speed but I continued and managed to run 3.4 miles and then the power surged again and I said f* this shit. But then the number became a bit of a problem for my OCD because 3.4!   THREE POINT FOUR!!!


                 Exactly! Now do you feel my pain?

I just added it to the list of things I’m dealing with today. Like what you asked?

Well, MacGyver and I removed our carpet in the bedroom last night only to find tiny floor tiles underneath. The tiles are original to the house, hello 1957!  Anyway, they are also asbestos tiles. Wonderful. They’re also rather atrocious.


                                              I told ya!

Anyway, we probably should have picked out the new tile or whatever we’re installing before removing the old flooring, because now we have a concrete floor and as far as what we’re putting in……..

head butt deer
Yeah, it’s safe to say, we’re at an impasse.  (I’m the deer.)

MacGyver and I decided to go to Home Depot tonight to make the final decision before we order the new flooring. He has really great taste just like me so I think it’s only fair to let him help make the decision.

sarcasticI would post some pictures but the transitional phase is not my favorite.  I’ll wait til it’s finished.  In the meantime, I’ve got to get some work done so I’ll see ya tomorrow.

Has the power ever gone out on you while you were on the treadmill?

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