Thursday, stuff and things

This morning I was getting ready to go run on the treadmill when I heard the news anchor say that Tampa was named the sweatiest city in the country….

Big shocker there. Precisely why I’m running on the treadmill my friend.

I also heard that Whole Foods is in trouble for overcharging again. What’s worse is that even though Whole Foods knew they were under investigation, they continued to overcharge their customers. I personally have not been affected by this since I don’t shop in their stores but I think it’s really sad that a grocery store that is already pretty pricey would have the gall to overcharge.

But by far the worst thing that I heard on the news was the story of the young mother in Texas who finished her first mud run a few weeks ago and ended up losing her sight! I feel horrible for this poor girl. She ran a mud run and thought maybe she had something in her eye but it turned out to be a cut from debris which allowed a flesh-eating bacteria to enter and basically melt her cornea.

girl loses eyesight
Unfortunately she doesn’t have medical insurance, so even though with additional surgery it may be possible to save her eye, she needs help raising the money. The family has set up a GoFundMe page and you can read her story here.

Did you watch the premier of Mr. Robot last night? I freakin love this show! LOVE. It is my new obsession. In case you haven’t heard of it, I’m sharing a preview. Oh, and Christian Slater is in it too and surprisingly, I like him in this show.

The thing I love most is that Elliot works on computers and he’s an introvert with a few emotional problems but he wants so much to do good things.  The thing I hate most is that they used drug references that neither MacGyver or I had ever heard of.  I’m almost embarrassed to tell you that we had to google a few of them….almost.

And if you have a few minutes and you want to see the cutest thing ever and one of my all-time favorite things, check out the Snooty Webcam. Snooty is the 67 year old manatee that lives at the South Florida Museum’s Parker Marine Aquarium. He is a Florida staple and whenever I need a little stress relief or just want to have a feel good moment, I visit his webcam. Check it out, you’ll be glad you did.

Have you ever ran in a mud run?
Would you think twice about it now?

6 thoughts on “Thursday, stuff and things

  1. Nope. Awhile ago a chemist friend mentioned the possible entry points for bacteria… but I was never interested in getting muddy because who knows what’s in the mud (not that I thought flesh eating bacteria)?

    I’m pretty sure a group of military people did one and contracted something a couple of years ago. I wanna say TX but I might be wrong

    • I have always said I think the mud runs are dangerous but I had not idea how much so until I read about this girls eye. Flesh eating bacteria is serious shit. Uh, I just can’t even….and not that I ever had plans to but now I will never run one because bacteria and infection freak my little ocd head out. :0

      • I used to do a workout on the beach on Sat mornings . We sometimes ended up in this bar area and the instructor would have us do push ups on the ground. I hated it. No way do I want to put my bare hands on a bar-area ground: vomit, piss etc in touristy FLL? F NO!
        My gym is disgusting too. I like my trainer but so glad I only signed for 2 months (my coworkers says that’s how they all are down here). 🙁

        • Once upon a time I was a weekend bartender. No way would I ever put my hands anywhere near a bar floor, not ever, ever, ever and I think gyms are disgusting too. I sweat like a pig and I’m okay with that, but I don’t want anybody else’s funk anywhere near me! hehe

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