The treadmill saga continues…

Y’all this morning I ran 5 miles strictly for scientific purposes… but before I get to that we have to go back to yesterday.  Yesterday was when I broke another treadmill, well technically I shredded the belt or more specifically about two inches off the right side.

From what I can gather, and from MacGyver’s long winded explanation, I surmise that because the treadmill is sitting on a rug and isn’t properly balanced when I inclined it to a certain level it became even more unbalanced and it caused the belt to slip to one side. That’s just a guess really but it’s my best guess.


It’s probably not a good idea to guess at science……

Because I only got about 1.4 miles in yesterday I may have been a little testy. Or a lot. Let’s be honest some mornings I wake up in a foul mood and I like to run…. because punching people is frowned upon.  Anyway, MacGyver was still working on the floor in the bedroom and he wanted me to help and so I did, but I’m sure he regretted that decision because as I stated, I may have been a little testy and that’s why MacGyver decided to take a little look-see at the treadmill.

make me happy

                              And fix her damn treadmill!

Now, let me preface this next part by saying DO NOT TRY THIS EVER unless you happen to be skilled in the area of treadmill repair, I repeat, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIX YOUR OWN TREADMILL.

MacGyver is skilled y’all.  Not only is he a general contractor but he once worked in the electronics field and he often does electrical work.   There’s that and the fact that he can fix anything in the world with a paper clip and chewing gum.  The man is good.  The point is, he knows what he is doing.

And he fixed my treadmill. Kind of. What I mean is, he was able to trim the belt up and get it centered. It is not as wide as a typical belt but it doesn’t really affect me when I run because I don’t run near the sides of the treadmill anyway.

MacGyver said that because there are so few hours on the motor and because it’s in great condition I should be able to use it for a while. Unfortunately, the belt may still slide because he isn’t sure the balance issue was caused by the rug. Therefore I needed to run on it so that he could test it. So, I ran a teeny bit yesterday but it wasn’t the distance needed to see if the belt would slide.

That brings us to this morning. I ran 5 miles. MacGyver doesn’t want me to incline past the 1% level until we get a new belt but in the meantime, the old belt seems to be staying put and I was able to run at a 1% incline and I took the speed up to 7.3mph.

The only uncomfortable thing about my run this morning was MacGyver standing behind me staring at my butt the belt as I ran. It was a little awkward to say the least but I got to run, right? Anyway, the new belt should arrive in a week or so. In the meantime, I can only run at a 1% incline and I have to keep the speed under 7mph. Oh, and I have to keep my eye on the belt at all times.

It’s so worth it!  It beats running in the heat and humidity any day.  Besides, if it breaks again, I can always have MacGyver build me this:

What’s the most extreme thing you’ve ever done so that you could run?
Did you run this morning?

6 thoughts on “The treadmill saga continues…

  1. Must be mentally tough running along worrying about whether the treadmill breaks now… or now… or now….

    As for extremes taken to get a run in – does getting up in the morning on a perfectly good weekend counts? 😉 I am very much an afternoon/evening person

  2. I am sorry to hear about the treadmill. That sucks, but this is why you have your honey…to test his MacGyver-ness (and check out your butt)!

    “…I like to run…. because punching people is frowned upon.” I have that pinned in my Running board on Pinterest. The other one I like is “I run to burn off the crazy”

    What’s the most extreme thing you’ve ever done so that you could run? Can’t think of anything. The fact that I run is extreme enough.
    Did you run this morning? Nope, hence my raging insanity. That and the job doesn’t help!

    I am supposed to do a mud run race next weekend and I am SO out of shape. Might need to use my torn ACL as an excuse. shhhhhh

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