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This morning I had a little fail when I had to stop my run at around 4.17 miles, yeah I know, I am still freaked out about it. I actually put it in daily mile as 4 miles because I just couldn’t do the .17. The good news is the reason I stopped was to meet a neighbor who is also a runner and she wanted to invite me to run with her. So it all worked out and in the end it was totally worth it.

I am a morning exerciser. It’s just what I like. I like getting up early and getting my run in first thing and that’s why this article I saw recently made me happy.

successful people run
That’s right, they run!  You can read the full article here.

I also came across this article about the five disgusting things all runners do and I had to share. It’s actually pretty funny and I’m sure I could add to it but it’s a good read especially if you’re like me and have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy.

Have you ever wondered what the fittest city in America is? Well, it wasn’t the city I thought it would be. It’s actually Washington, D.C., seriously!

D.C. is the fittest city
Click here to read about the top 10 fittest and the top 10 not so fit cities in America.

But the main thing I wanted to tell you about today is this new Flight Tech Sports Bra from Sensilk.  It has Sensors built into the bra which sync to your smartphone. It can track heart rate, calories burned, duration, distance, days since your last workout and more.

sensilk sports bra
It’s not a bad looking sports bra either. And the sensor looks small as if you wouldn’t even feel it.  Sensilk, the company who manufactures the bra is offering a deal as part of an alpha test program and you can purchase it for $140. Considering the cost of a Fitbit or other fitness tracker and a regular sports bra, that’s a great price.

Sensilk sports bra with soar technology

Pic Source:  Sensilk

From the company’s website:
Our introductory kit—available for a limited time as part of our exclusive Alpha Test Program— is guaranteed to keep you comfortable and connected to your fitness goals during everything from yoga and Pilates to spin class. Our limited-availability Alpha Test Program version of the Take Flight Tech Kit is the cornerstone of any fitness routine.

Designed by fashion expert and former Ralph Lauren design director Ashley Tyler, the feminine lines and high neck design keep you covered and supported while the mesh outlines along the front and back give you some flair.

The padded inserts, smooth, non-chafing seams and breathable fabric keep you dry and comfortable while our stunningly designed SOAR™ Biometric Soft Sensor and X1™ Transmitter accurately track your workouts from start to finish.

I think this bra looks interesting and I may just have to try it out. If you want more info click here to visit the Sensilk website and learn more about the smart bra.

Do you think you’d wear a bra that tracks your fitness?   (I think I would and I may just order one.)
Is your city one of the top fittest or one of the bottom fittest?  (My city didn’t make either list.)

2 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday – A smart bra

  1. Nah, wouldn’t wear it. They wouldn’t have an app for my phone 🙂 Plus, padded inserts….you can see the inserts…
    Oh it’s iOS only.

    Hmm, I was fittest when I lived in one of the bottom 10 cities. Then I moved here and was still fit for a few years and then I started sitting too much. And getting older! LOL

    • I have to wonder where they get the data and how accurate it is but I was definitely surprised to see DC at the top. Not sure why I was surprised but I was. I think I’d wear the bra. It would be nice to throw my phone in my spibelt, put on the bra and not worry about the garmin tan line for a change. But I’m sure something about the bra would irritate me eventually too. I’m a little ornery in my old age 😉

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