Freaky Friday and a hijacked running survey….

Good Lord has my Friday started out freaky! Let me tell you all about it and then we’ll get to a little running survey that I sort of stole from the Hungry Runner Girl’s blog.

First, I woke up this morning and stumbled into the bathroom. It took me about 10 minutes to shake myself awake but I finally did. I couldn’t understand why I was so tired but I put in my contacts and got ready to put on my running clothes.  About that time, MacGyver knocked on the bathroom door.

MacGyver: Are you okay?
Me: Yeah, why?
MacGyver: I was just wondering why you were up.
Me: I’m getting ready to go run on the treadmill.
MacGyver: At 3:00 O’Clock in the morning?

are you kidding
And so it was.  Freakin 3AM!  I’m not sure why I thought I heard my alarm or why I got up but I can assure you I was right back in bed and sound asleep within seconds.

Later in the morning when I actually did wake up I had to find my phone to check my schedule for the day. Apparently I left it on the sofa last night and when I finally located it this is what I saw:

Hank selfie 1

“Let’s see, I know that button is on here….I just have to push it.”

Hank Selfie ear shot

“That’s a piece of cake, now I just need to learn to get my face in the picture…”

Hank took his very first selfie’s!

He just needs to learn how to focus a bit better.

And that is how my morning started, tune in tomorrow to see if it gets any freakier. I can pretty much assure you that it will. It always does.

And now let’s get to the survey that I hijacked from the Hungry Runner Girl this morning.

1. Would you rather run along a beach path or on a mountain trail? Definitely the beach.
2. If you could choose the flavor of gatorade at your next race’s aid stations, what would it be? No Gatorade, kills my stomach.
3. If I gave you a $100 gift card to a running store, what would be the first thing that you would purchase with it? Uh, shoes. No question.
4. Do you prefer to follow a training plan or wake up and decide then how far and how fast you want to run? I only like training plans when I’m preparing for a big race, otherwise, I go by how I feel.
5. Would you rather start your run with the uphill and end on the downhill or start your run with the downhill and end with the uphill? Uphill for sure.
6. When you can’t run, what type of cross-training do you choose to do? Shopping, does that count?
7. What is your preference—> Out and back, point to point or loop runs? Out and back.
8. If you could recommend ANY running related item to a new runner, it would be a—> great pair of shoes.
9. Do you ever see any wild animals while out on your runs? Gators, peacocks and emu’s regularly. I’ve also seen an otter, deer, horses, armadillos and possums.
10. Ever gotten lost while out on a run? Many times. I’m directionally challenged.
11. If you could have one meal waiting and ready for you each time you got home from a run for the next 30 days… what would that meal be? Bagels with biscoff.
12. Capris or shorts… what do you run in most often? Shorts.
13. At what mile (or how many minutes) into your run does your body start to feel like it is warming up and ready to go? Usually by the end of the first mile.
14. What do you do with your key when you run? I keep it in my SpiBelt.
15. If you could relive any race that you have done in the past, which one what it be? The Blue Moon half.
16. What type of run is your least favorite type of run? 800 repeats.
17. What has been your biggest motivation lately to get out the door to get your run on? I actually love to run so I don’t need much motivation.
18. When you go for a run, do you leave right from your front door or do you drive somewhere to start? I usually leave right from my front door.
19. When running in daylight—> are sunglasses a must or an annoyance? A must if I don’t have a visor.
20. When you get tired, what keeps you from quitting? I have a lot of motivating factors but that doesn’t mean it always works. Sometimes I do quit. But I dust myself off and start over the next day.

How did your day start this morning?
All you runners, pick one of the questions in the running survey, (any one you want), and answer it in the comments.

Thursday, stuff and things

This morning I was getting ready to go run on the treadmill when I heard the news anchor say that Tampa was named the sweatiest city in the country….

Big shocker there. Precisely why I’m running on the treadmill my friend.

I also heard that Whole Foods is in trouble for overcharging again. What’s worse is that even though Whole Foods knew they were under investigation, they continued to overcharge their customers. I personally have not been affected by this since I don’t shop in their stores but I think it’s really sad that a grocery store that is already pretty pricey would have the gall to overcharge.

But by far the worst thing that I heard on the news was the story of the young mother in Texas who finished her first mud run a few weeks ago and ended up losing her sight! I feel horrible for this poor girl. She ran a mud run and thought maybe she had something in her eye but it turned out to be a cut from debris which allowed a flesh-eating bacteria to enter and basically melt her cornea.

girl loses eyesight
Unfortunately she doesn’t have medical insurance, so even though with additional surgery it may be possible to save her eye, she needs help raising the money. The family has set up a GoFundMe page and you can read her story here.

Did you watch the premier of Mr. Robot last night? I freakin love this show! LOVE. It is my new obsession. In case you haven’t heard of it, I’m sharing a preview. Oh, and Christian Slater is in it too and surprisingly, I like him in this show.

The thing I love most is that Elliot works on computers and he’s an introvert with a few emotional problems but he wants so much to do good things.  The thing I hate most is that they used drug references that neither MacGyver or I had ever heard of.  I’m almost embarrassed to tell you that we had to google a few of them….almost.

And if you have a few minutes and you want to see the cutest thing ever and one of my all-time favorite things, check out the Snooty Webcam. Snooty is the 67 year old manatee that lives at the South Florida Museum’s Parker Marine Aquarium. He is a Florida staple and whenever I need a little stress relief or just want to have a feel good moment, I visit his webcam. Check it out, you’ll be glad you did.

Have you ever ran in a mud run?
Would you think twice about it now?

WTF Wednesday-Tool time training?

I’ve been trying really hard to commit to my cross training. I’ve been trying really hard to work with weights and do some kind of strength workout at least twice a week as well. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get my shit straight because I have failed miserably, at least for the past 5 or 6 weeks, give or take a year.

zumba fail

             I feel your pain gurl, I’m always a little behind….

The closest I have gotten to any cross training recently has been all of the painting and the 3 hours of tile scraping that we did while working on the bedroom project. I’m counting it as cross training though, I don’t care. I’m sore, therefore it counts.

In fact, it’s going to be a fad now. Home Improvement workouts will be all the rage. On leg days we could have drill squats and on arm days, we could do hammer’s.

hammer time

                       oooops, wrong hammer.

We could call it Tool Time Training or DIY Home and Body Edition, or Working out with Tools….

workouts with tools

                                  but not this tool….

I need to rethink this whole thing…..or maybe I don’t.  Let me stew on it a while.  Oh forget it.  I’ll never be able to think of anything now.  I can’t get that image in the last gif out of my head.

Last thing before I go, I was watching the local news this morning and they interviewed this seemingly normal lady, except when I looked down I saw that she had a rather low-cut sundress on.  Right there over her right breast was the name ‘Bobby‘.   Like, right on the upper part of her breast!  Do you think that’s the name of her right boob?  I’ve been wondering about that all morning.

Ah, WTF, it must be Wednesday!

Go ahead, tell me your WTF moment of the week.