National Running Day 2015 on WTF Wednesday

Today is National Running Day and in honor of that, I have a discount for you. Best Damn Race is offering $5 off any race if you register today. Use the code RUNDAY and you have until 11:59 PM.  I highly recommend this race, it’s one of my all-time favorites. Click here for the website.

Best Damn Race
Another one of my favorites is the Florida Road Races. They are offering $10 off any halfathon, the Clearwater Marathon and the Clearwater 50K for National Running Day.

Florida Road RacesClick here to register for any of their races, no code needed. Discounts are good for today only so hurry!

I think I might have mentioned on more than one occasion that I like to run first thing in the morning. I almost always wake up before everyone else in my house. I usually try to be quiet so as not to wake anyone until the sun comes out and then I go run. Usually I read some of my favorite blogs and peruse the internet which is what I was doing when I found this little jewel on reddit.

soggybrick on redditSoggybrick is a reddit user whose girlfriend talks in her sleep. He thinks she’s hilarious so he started writing down the things she says and posting it on reddit.  Things like, “I need more feet” and “I feel like I have keyboards stuck to me”.  It seriously cracked me up.

On Monday I went to the Dollar Tree and while I was checking out the cashier kept yawning. She explained that she was very tired for some reason but she didn’t know why. I told her that was okay and mentioned that even though I’d just gotten back from a vacation I was tired too. Then we had the following conversation:

Cashier: A Vacation, that’s nice, where did you go?
Me: Venice.
Cashier: Wow, I’ve never even been out of Florida.
Me: No, I meant I went to Venice, Florida.
Cashier: Oh, where is that?
Me: About an hour and a half south of here, in Florida.
Cashier: Oh, I guess that is a lot closer than the other Venice. It probably takes a really long time to get to Asia anyway.

Geography fail

Bless her little geographically challenged heart.

While reading the blogess earlier in the week I found the coolest T-shirt in her store and I think I need it.  It’s a fairly accurate description of me on most days.

If you want to see the 'not so clean version' Just click on the image to see the shirt in the blogess store, you know you want to.....

If you want to see the ‘not so clean version’ Just click on the image to see the shirt in the blogess store, you know you want to…..

I’m pretty sure I should buy it.

Last night the kid comes over and while we’re hanging out he tells me that there are these little things called Demodex folliculorum and that everyone will have at least a few of them at one point in their life. I was curious so I asked to know more and the kid showed me this picture.

Then he told me that they are face mites and they feed on your face while you’re sleeping! Well, technically they feed on dead skin cells within hair follicles during the day and at night, they surface to mate and lay eggs in hair follicles, such as your eyelashes. I will have bad dreams forever. Kids are so great.

Have a wonderful National Running Day and a wild and wacky WTF Wednesday!

You know the drill, tell me something wacky from your week!

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