If I had Wings

MacGyver and I worked on our bedroom for most of the day on Sunday but around 4:30, we both caved in and gave up on it for the remainder of the day. Unfortunately there was nothing on TV but fortunately, we have Netflix.

We scrolled through the newly added movies and did what we always do, look for the first one with 5 stars. Often times, there aren’t any that we haven’t seen but Sunday was our lucky day, in more ways than one for me.

It just so happened that the movie we landed on not only had 5 stars but it was also a running movie! I’m probably way behind the times here but I had never heard of it so I was pretty stoked about finding it. Even better than that, it actually was a pretty good movie. I mean, it won’t be winning an academy award or anything but it’s a great family friendly movie.

If I had Wings
If I had Wings is a movie about a teenager who, despite being blind since the age of two, loves to run. He runs with his father who helps guide him but his father isn’t really fast enough for him. What the kid really wants is to be on the cross country team at his high school so his father, a probation officer, finds him a running partner. The running partner is actually a classmate who has also spent a lot of time running except he runs from the police.
I don’t know about you but after I watch a good running movie I always get motivated to get out there and run. Typically I would run outside but as you know it’s been so hot here lately that I’ve been wearing out my treadmill. Anyway, this morning I was really looking forward to getting on the treadmill and powering out 6 or 7 miles.

I made it out to the lanai about 7ish this morning, cranked up the fan, turned on the iPod, then the treadmill, and I was off. The first mile done in 9:08 with a 2% incline, going in to the second mile I was running at a 8:57 pace with a 1% incline feeling great.

treadmill tricks

I was thinking this might be an easy 8 mile day.

1.44 miles in,

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Hard stop….

falling off treadmill

Wait, what, I’m laying on the floor. What the hell just happened?

I tried turning it back on…nope. I tried to reset it….nope. Then I looked it over really good. And that’s when I noticed the shredded belt…………

Guess who’ll be running outside again. Son of a bitch!

Have you ever broken a treadmill?    I’ve broken three.
How many treadmills have you owned?   Three

6 thoughts on “If I had Wings

  1. Hilarious! I’ve owned 2 treadmills and haven’t broken either one of them (yet) I think you have some sort of record there that needs to be in Guiness! You’ll be famous!!

    love your blog! 🙂

  2. Holy cow you broke three treadmills! I have never even owned one yet. I do almost all of my running outside. I will break down and head to the gym for their treadmill only if I have no one else to watch my daughter.

    • Yes, three of them. You know how everybody has like one thing they do really well? That’s my thing, breaking treadmills. And I’m pretty sure if I get another one, eventually, I’ll make it 4. I have treadmill breaking super powers. It’s a curse. 🙂

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