Friday with a side of fighting

I was finally getting close to getting my entire bedroom primed. Just primed. It takes a lot of primer to cover red. A. lot.

Anyway, just as I was finishing up some priming around the window MacGyver came to inspect my progress and that’s when he decided to get involved.

Help me not kill somebodyBy get involved what I mean is he informed me of all the things that I was doing ‘wrong’ and proceeded to tell me what I needed to do differently.  Then he started to take over. He calls it #ContractorProblems and I call it #KillingYourHusbandisIllegal problems.

I have no shame in telling you that I lost my shit!

Because see, I spent an entire week busting my ass every night priming the shit out of this f*in room and then, when I’m 95% finished, MacGyver wants to come in and go all contractor on me….Ah hell no! Just no.

Really bitch?
So then we got into a bit of an argument and I got all kinds of crazy.  MacGyver was insisting on changing all of my plans. All I wanted to do was to paint the room and the trim and I was thinking of possibly replacing the flooring, that’s it.

MacGyver got all bossy and said I was ruining the trim with my paint job and we needed to replace all the trim, and then the doors, and the entire floor would need to be replaced at the same time. Then he told me that I needed to repaint the ceiling before we replaced the floors. Then he informed me that he was going to replace the windows. But he didn’t stop there, he decided he didn’t like the like fixture that I picked out and thought we should return it and get another ceiling fan because we don’t use the ceiling fan we currently have so why not get two? Then he wanted to change the color of the paint and the floor.

how dare you
I was beyond myself, and I said, ‘but I picked out the paint and the fixture to match the new duvet I bought’ and then MacGyver said, ‘Nobody paints and buys fixtures to match a duvet, nobody, it’s the exact opposite!’

Oh yeah, they do in My World buster, they do in My World! So I marched on over to the closet and put on whatever clothes I could find to wear, which happened to be about 10 years too small, and then I grabbed my keys and started towards the door. I almost made it to the car before I burst into tears. Have you ever gotten to that point? The point where you’re so pissed you can’t see straight but all you can do is cry?

I'm outta here

I wasn’t sure where I was going but I needed to self-medicate. I had two possible choices, ice cream or the mall. That’s when MacGyver caught up to me and saw me crying and he felt horrible and he did the worst thing possible……………

He made me laugh.

MacGyver: Do you always run away from home when you’re pissed off?

Me: No, I haven’t run away from home in like, 10 years!

MacGyver: Well, I’m pretty sure you were wearing the same clothes.
(I looked down and realized I was wearing old booty shorts, a too small hello kitty t-shirt, and Converse sneaker, in two different colors.)


That was funny.  Please Lord, don’t let me laugh, don’t let me laugh, I just can’t…I’m laughing.

Fight over.

This morning we’re going to Home Depot and Lowe’s to pick out the materials together. (You can bet your sweet ass they will all match my new Duvet.)

Have you done any home improvement projects with your partner?
How did that work out for you?

4 thoughts on “Friday with a side of fighting

  1. Umm what else would you match the walls to other than the duvet? 🙂
    I have no one to fight with over projects. Or anyone to do them for me lol

  2. Ha! My hubby has learned not to micromanage my projects or they will become his projects. The next thing he knows he is painting and I am chilling out somewhere with my feet up. Good luck on your project!

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