Friday five with a Rack and a Brookie

I am completely addicted to the new show Wayward Pines.  MacGyver and I started watching it as filler while the Walking Dead is on hiatus but the worst possible thing happened and I got hooked. It sucked me in like a big giant vacuum.

Last night’s episode was really good and at the end it said, ‘stayed tuned for all new episodes coming June 25th’.

Wait, what? That’s 2 more weeks…..

no, no, noI’ll just have to find something else to watch.

Well I am doing a marathon this weekend anyway. I’m pretty excited about it too. I’m sure y’all are familiar with it because it’s a pretty popular one.

It’s the new season of Orange is the New Black and it comes out on Netflix today!  hallelujah!

Oh, you thought I meant an actual marathon.  No, silly. No marathons for me until winter, it’s far too hot here.  Lately I can only manage 4 or 5 miles of running and then I have to get back inside, stat.  This is 3 shower a day season, aka hurricane season.  I only run marathons in the second season, non-hurricane.

Yesterday I went over to the mall to pay my Macy’s bill. I don’t go to the Mall very often……

Oh girl, stop your lyin'

                   Oh girl, stop lyin’ we know you!

Okay, maybe I do go to the mall a bit.  But when I do go I must be in a trance like state because until yesterday I had no idea that we were getting a Nordstrom Rack! Nordstrom. Rack. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees please.

You can all put your minds at ease now because the economy has been saved. Praise Jesus!

Last night MacGyver and I headed over to Aldi for some coffee and milk. After shoveling seventy dollars worth of food into our cart (and somehow completely forgetting the coffee and milk), we made it to the front of the store where I spotted the thing that I didn’t know about but has no doubt been living in my dreams for many, many years.

the brookie
The Brookie! 

It’s a brownie topped with a chocolate chip cookie. Someone up in Heaven loves me hard.  Did you know about these?  Have you heard about them?  Because if you haven’t you need to go out and get one immediately.  I would give you one but in a moment of utter weakness, I ate them all, ALL OF THEM.  I can’t promise that I wont go back for more either.

Lastly, for those of you who are still looking for that perfect Father’s Day present (which is June 21st), here’s some unique gifts to choose from.  And I might add that the cable monster bin is a win for anyone with OCD….just sayin.

Hope you have a stellar weekend!

What’s one of your highs or lows from the week?
Did you know what a brookie is or do I live in a bubble?

14 thoughts on “Friday five with a Rack and a Brookie

  1. As an aside, I found out a couple of weeks ago that the outdoor scenes of Wayward Pines were filmed in a little town in British Columbia called Agassiz. I only mention this because my great-great grandfather, Lewis Agassiz, founded the town back in the mid-1800’s! I have never heard of a Brookie, though it seems like a no-brainer combo! They probably call it something else up here lol!

    • That’s the coolest thing ever! I would totally watch the show just because of that. And the Brookie is probably a Coonie in your area, haha! For the record, I like Coonie way better. 🙂

    • That has to be the coolest tidbit I have heard in awhile. Agassiz is one cool dude. I know about him!!! Didn’t know about the town. Knew about glacier and ice age studies (if it’s the same guy). Yes, I am a nerd. Hence, the overuse of cool. Hey, we are talking ice stuff!

      • Ice stuff, yes, We are! (I’m an even bigger nerd, I’ve totally been slacking off work and researching Agassiz!) Another aside, Lewis Agassiz also studied fish which makes him even more awesome.

        • Sorry, ladies, there was a naturalist, Louis Agassiz, but I’m talking about Lewis Nunn Agassiz (a family member though!) He actually lived here in London and married a London girl before heading west for the B.C. gold rush. Didn’t find gold so plopped himself down by the Fraser River and started farming. Other people joined him and after awhile there was a town. Some bigwig back in the day said it should be called Agassiz!

          • And HIS father (my great, great, great grandfather) who was also a Lewis Agassiz, helped burn down the White House during the War of 1812!! Sorry about that!!!

          • Well considering the current resident of that property…..hehe you get the point. Your great, great, great grandfather doesn’t sound so bad. LOL

          • I am absolutely loving this conversation even more. I wish I knew that kind of stuff about my family. All I know is we came over on a boat, farmed and worked in some sweat shops.

            Flower, your nerdiness is what keeps me coming back (and your insane humor). I am not really smart enough to be a true nerd, but I do love science stuff and useless knowledge. Google Queen here!

            Brian, Naturalist…Yep, that is the guy I was thinking of. Haha on the White House comment. I would tell EVERY person I met that story. London to BC? What a journey. I would have opted for BC over London. I have been to and through London several times and feel like I am still in Michigan:)

          • Sometimes my comment section is WAY more entertaining! I swear. Google is awesome, it definitely helps satisfy my natural curiosity, in fact, my twitter handle is @googlejunkie LOL

            And some of the smartest people I know are just really curious. 😉

  2. High: joined the gym and got a personal trainer. Low: joined the gym and got a personal trainer -haha low is how weak my legs are and hence why my runs suck. (I actually really do like going to the gym and lifting weights. But my legs are pathetic. Well it all is at the moment but my legs are usually good).
    It’s also weekend before the birthday. High/low.

    Have a good weekend!

  3. You live in a bubble! I have been making those for years. Didn’t know that’s is what they were called. I call them “Theresa brownies.” She was a little elderly lady I used to work with who would share all of her recipes with a young gal who didn’t know how to cook or bake. I still have a pile of recipe cards she made for me. I sure miss her:( Another favorite she shared was the wickedly tasty potato chip cheesy potato casserole. Decadence!

    Congrats on The Rack. I have one about a mile away. I am hitting TJ Max this weekend even though I hate the unorganized store that it is. Someone on G+ said they are carrying running stuff. Nathan hydration belts and stuff like that. I love my Orange Mud pack, but might “need” a back up!

    Highs and lows…High? I committed to doing my first half marathon with a G+ running buddy (maybe two). HELLO bucket list! Low? I still have a torn ACL, I need surgery SOON, I am fat, I will need to train through the awful Michigan winter…What the heck was I thinking??? Back to high…:-) Sick, twisted me is geeked.

    BTW…love that “fire fishing pole”

    Have a great weekend!

    • I’m so going to need that potato casserole recipe! And, I’m sorry to hear about the ACL, that really does suck! I hate knee pain worse than anything.

      But, you are going to fall in love with the half marathon, I promise. It is my absolute favorite distance, by far(no pun intended).

      Oh, I almost forgot, I was at TJMaxx yesterday and they had several nathan hydration belts and all were under 25 bucks! That’s a steal. Let me know what you end up getting.

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