Floors, Dogs, Peacocks and Watermelon

Good Morning! I’ve just got a quick weekend update for you because it has been crazy busy around here. We’ve been working non-stop on our bedroom project and haven’t had a spare moment to speak of.  Seriously, it’s been that crazy!

I got up early Saturday and ran 5 miles on the treadmill and then MacGyver and I headed out to, where else but the Home Depot and Lowe’s, again.

home depot

             We’re baaaack, you know in case you missed me.

After 9 trips to Lowe’s, and 11 trips to Home Depot, and a few miscellaneous trips to some random flooring stores, (I kid you not), we finally decided on a floor and not a moment too soon because I swear to everything that is holy and good, I would have killed MacGyver if he didn’t agree to something right then, I swear.

I don’t want to show you the room until it’s finished but here’s a sneak peek at a few things…

Hmmmm, a herringbone pattern....????

         Hmmmm, a herringbone pattern….????


                           Could this be my flooring?

This is all I can show you....I know the suspense is just killin ya.

This is all I can show you….I know the suspense is just killin ya.

While we were busy working, the dogs were busy doing what they do. Boomer pulled out every toy in the toy basket and when I caught him, he did what he always does….he tried to hide.

Boomer the lab

Oh boy, we’ll never see you in all those toys. Never!

Hank spent most of the day sleeping. After his morning walk he’s content to sleep the day away just so long as I am nearby. If I leave he gets all kinds of crazy.

Hank the dachshund

Don’t fool yourself lady, I’m just fine. Now, can I get a little privacy….my bitch is comin over…

On one of our trips back from the Home Depot, we stopped to get one of these bad boys.

It should last a day, maybe.

We also stopped at a garage sale in the neighborhood. Tell me, do you see peacocks at your neighborhood garage sales? I swear we have hundreds of them around here.

All right, it’s go time. Back to work for me, after a quick run.  😉  I hope y’all have a fantastic Sunday.

Tell me something fun you did this weekend.

10 thoughts on “Floors, Dogs, Peacocks and Watermelon

  1. Oh my stars, I’m petrified of birds so I don’t know what I would do if I saw them all hanging out around me (let alone a garage sale).

    Watermelons don’t last long at my house either. I completely understand your pain.

    • I swear I used to be terrified of birds, my whole life. Then we moved here and in the last five years, I’ve befriended wood storks, heron’s mallards, marsh ducks, peacocks and even an emu. Yep, I live in an animal friendly area, 😉

  2. Ahhh Boomer! Meanie! Let him have all of his toys at once. 🙂

    I like the flooring! I have tile. It’s ok. Not worth it to change it out if course. It’s all in good condition. I do like carpet (we had it in Jax) but I’m a shoe-free house.

    • Totally get the shoe-free house, I’m the same way. Tile is going to eventually replace all of my carpets, 80% there already. The main reason….Boomer’s hair! LOL Plus, he’s a little spoiled and he likes the cool tile. 🙂

  3. Good luck on finishing your project! Sounds like you’re more then ready with all of the trips…that alone is exhausting, isn’t it? Can’t wait to see the finished project! Visiting from #TBB

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