Beating yourself up over missed workouts.

We made it back to Clearwater last night at 10PM on the nose!  I drove home because MacGyver was really tired after fishing all day, but before we left we hung out with the parents for a bit. While sitting out at the pool I spotted the family of manatees that come to visit every night.

This is the baby’s snout.

manatee snout
They weren’t as active as they typically are – but in this heat and humidity who can blame them?

When we got home I got everything all ready for the morning and set my alarm in preparation for a treadmill run this morning. It’s been so hot that I thought running on the treadmill with my super powered fan might be easier. The alarm went off, and off, and off and then I shut it off.

I’m pretty sure I probably needed the sleep and my body needed a rest because I never do that. It’s not easy for me to blow off something that I have planned, exercise or non-exercise. I guess maybe that’s a side effect of my OCD, who knows.  Anyway, I told myself it was no big deal but that little voice inside my head was singing a different tune.

I struggled with it a bit and then I decided to compromise. Instead of being a lazy blob and staying in bed or going out for a run when I really didn’t want to, I took the dogs for a walk.  It was a nice compromise and the dogs loved going out an hour earlier than they normally do. In fact because it was cooler, we were able to walk a little further.

funny dog walking

Walking the Mall is also acceptable in this heat….

I have a ton of pictures on my iPhone that I’ve been dying to share with you from the weekend but I can’t figure out an easy way to get them from my phone to the computer. With the Galaxy all I had to do was plug in a USB cable but the iPhone requires me to sync them or send them to the cloud or something.

I’m still a little leery of the cloud. I’ve seen the movie Sex Tape and I’ve got some pretty racy pictures of Hank on there after his bath. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t want anyone to get a hold of those.

Dachshund Dog Porn

                    Sorry little buddy but dog porn sells.

Do you beat yourself up if you miss a workout?
Can you tell me an easy way to transfer my photos from the iPhone6 to my computer?

2 thoughts on “Beating yourself up over missed workouts.

  1. Unfortunately I am way too hard on myself for skipping a workout. Usually it’s for the best, but at the time it seems like the end of the world. Dramatic much? That video of the dog walking on his hind legs is just too much – totally has me cracking up. Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!

    • Thanks Jamie! I’m constantly struggling with the fact that sometimes my thoughts are not my best friend, maybe one day I’ll be able to blow off those workouts without a care in the world, but I highly doubt it. Thankfully, I’ve got the sense of humor of a 12 year old and I can still crack myself up on a dime. It’s a good distraction. 🙂

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