The treadmill saga continues…

Y’all this morning I ran 5 miles strictly for scientific purposes… but before I get to that we have to go back to yesterday.  Yesterday was when I broke another treadmill, well technically I shredded the belt or more specifically about two inches off the right side.

From what I can gather, and from MacGyver’s long winded explanation, I surmise that because the treadmill is sitting on a rug and isn’t properly balanced when I inclined it to a certain level it became even more unbalanced and it caused the belt to slip to one side. That’s just a guess really but it’s my best guess.


It’s probably not a good idea to guess at science……

Because I only got about 1.4 miles in yesterday I may have been a little testy. Or a lot. Let’s be honest some mornings I wake up in a foul mood and I like to run…. because punching people is frowned upon.  Anyway, MacGyver was still working on the floor in the bedroom and he wanted me to help and so I did, but I’m sure he regretted that decision because as I stated, I may have been a little testy and that’s why MacGyver decided to take a little look-see at the treadmill.

make me happy

                              And fix her damn treadmill!

Now, let me preface this next part by saying DO NOT TRY THIS EVER unless you happen to be skilled in the area of treadmill repair, I repeat, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIX YOUR OWN TREADMILL.

MacGyver is skilled y’all.  Not only is he a general contractor but he once worked in the electronics field and he often does electrical work.   There’s that and the fact that he can fix anything in the world with a paper clip and chewing gum.  The man is good.  The point is, he knows what he is doing.

And he fixed my treadmill. Kind of. What I mean is, he was able to trim the belt up and get it centered. It is not as wide as a typical belt but it doesn’t really affect me when I run because I don’t run near the sides of the treadmill anyway.

MacGyver said that because there are so few hours on the motor and because it’s in great condition I should be able to use it for a while. Unfortunately, the belt may still slide because he isn’t sure the balance issue was caused by the rug. Therefore I needed to run on it so that he could test it. So, I ran a teeny bit yesterday but it wasn’t the distance needed to see if the belt would slide.

That brings us to this morning. I ran 5 miles. MacGyver doesn’t want me to incline past the 1% level until we get a new belt but in the meantime, the old belt seems to be staying put and I was able to run at a 1% incline and I took the speed up to 7.3mph.

The only uncomfortable thing about my run this morning was MacGyver standing behind me staring at my butt the belt as I ran. It was a little awkward to say the least but I got to run, right? Anyway, the new belt should arrive in a week or so. In the meantime, I can only run at a 1% incline and I have to keep the speed under 7mph. Oh, and I have to keep my eye on the belt at all times.

It’s so worth it!  It beats running in the heat and humidity any day.  Besides, if it breaks again, I can always have MacGyver build me this:

What’s the most extreme thing you’ve ever done so that you could run?
Did you run this morning?

If I had Wings

MacGyver and I worked on our bedroom for most of the day on Sunday but around 4:30, we both caved in and gave up on it for the remainder of the day. Unfortunately there was nothing on TV but fortunately, we have Netflix.

We scrolled through the newly added movies and did what we always do, look for the first one with 5 stars. Often times, there aren’t any that we haven’t seen but Sunday was our lucky day, in more ways than one for me.

It just so happened that the movie we landed on not only had 5 stars but it was also a running movie! I’m probably way behind the times here but I had never heard of it so I was pretty stoked about finding it. Even better than that, it actually was a pretty good movie. I mean, it won’t be winning an academy award or anything but it’s a great family friendly movie.

If I had Wings
If I had Wings is a movie about a teenager who, despite being blind since the age of two, loves to run. He runs with his father who helps guide him but his father isn’t really fast enough for him. What the kid really wants is to be on the cross country team at his high school so his father, a probation officer, finds him a running partner. The running partner is actually a classmate who has also spent a lot of time running except he runs from the police.
I don’t know about you but after I watch a good running movie I always get motivated to get out there and run. Typically I would run outside but as you know it’s been so hot here lately that I’ve been wearing out my treadmill. Anyway, this morning I was really looking forward to getting on the treadmill and powering out 6 or 7 miles.

I made it out to the lanai about 7ish this morning, cranked up the fan, turned on the iPod, then the treadmill, and I was off. The first mile done in 9:08 with a 2% incline, going in to the second mile I was running at a 8:57 pace with a 1% incline feeling great.

treadmill tricks

I was thinking this might be an easy 8 mile day.

1.44 miles in,

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek! Hard stop….

falling off treadmill

Wait, what, I’m laying on the floor. What the hell just happened?

I tried turning it back on…nope. I tried to reset it….nope. Then I looked it over really good. And that’s when I noticed the shredded belt…………

Guess who’ll be running outside again. Son of a bitch!

Have you ever broken a treadmill?    I’ve broken three.
How many treadmills have you owned?   Three

Floors, Dogs, Peacocks and Watermelon

Good Morning! I’ve just got a quick weekend update for you because it has been crazy busy around here. We’ve been working non-stop on our bedroom project and haven’t had a spare moment to speak of.  Seriously, it’s been that crazy!

I got up early Saturday and ran 5 miles on the treadmill and then MacGyver and I headed out to, where else but the Home Depot and Lowe’s, again.

home depot

             We’re baaaack, you know in case you missed me.

After 9 trips to Lowe’s, and 11 trips to Home Depot, and a few miscellaneous trips to some random flooring stores, (I kid you not), we finally decided on a floor and not a moment too soon because I swear to everything that is holy and good, I would have killed MacGyver if he didn’t agree to something right then, I swear.

I don’t want to show you the room until it’s finished but here’s a sneak peek at a few things…

Hmmmm, a herringbone pattern....????

         Hmmmm, a herringbone pattern….????


                           Could this be my flooring?

This is all I can show you....I know the suspense is just killin ya.

This is all I can show you….I know the suspense is just killin ya.

While we were busy working, the dogs were busy doing what they do. Boomer pulled out every toy in the toy basket and when I caught him, he did what he always does….he tried to hide.

Boomer the lab

Oh boy, we’ll never see you in all those toys. Never!

Hank spent most of the day sleeping. After his morning walk he’s content to sleep the day away just so long as I am nearby. If I leave he gets all kinds of crazy.

Hank the dachshund

Don’t fool yourself lady, I’m just fine. Now, can I get a little privacy….my bitch is comin over…

On one of our trips back from the Home Depot, we stopped to get one of these bad boys.

It should last a day, maybe.

We also stopped at a garage sale in the neighborhood. Tell me, do you see peacocks at your neighborhood garage sales? I swear we have hundreds of them around here.

All right, it’s go time. Back to work for me, after a quick run.  😉  I hope y’all have a fantastic Sunday.

Tell me something fun you did this weekend.