WTF Wednesday with poop, waffle shots and monkeys!

You may have heard about something outrageous that happened in the world and more often than not it happened right here in Florida. If something downright strange happens most people will first assume that it happened down here, and for the most part, they’re correct. I mean where else in the world does an oven actually shoot a woman while she tries to make a waffle?

shot by a waffle in the oven

Waffle shots anyone?

And down here in Florida we’ve got the cutest little wild monkeys. You can find these herpes infected little boogers just about anywhere.

rhesus monkeys
And heck, right here in the county that I live in, this young lady actually pooped in a police cruiser and believe it or not, it’s a common thing! Just ask this lady.

poop lady

At least she’s not constipated!

She was arrested for pooping on the floor of her home after finding her husband in bed with another woman. She said, “I found him in bed with a naked chick, what was I supposed to do?”

Uhmmmm, not poop!

I really wanted to prove that Florida isn’t really like that and that we have serious news down here worthy of CNN or a comparable news outlet and so I went to my trusted local news sources to grab a few headlines.

And then I saw this story….

sex on the beach
So these young seemingly intelligent people thought it was okay to get their freak on in broad daylight and in front of children….

Let this be a lesson people, sex on the beach is only okay if you’re drinking it.

I was still hoping that I could find something serious to share with you. I was certain there was some editorial comment on one of our local news outlets worthy of a mention.

Instead I found this…

Pot mom
Is it just me or does offering your kids pot if they do well at school seem a conflict of interest? How many of the pot heads in your high school were valedictorian material?

I’m thinking not many….

WTF? It must be Wednesday…Florida.

What’s the strangest news story you’ve heard in your state?

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