WTF Wednesday – I’m probably not ignoring your call.

Over the past few months I have gotten the most random text messages. At first I had no idea how these people even got my number but then I realized…..

It was the result of a group text!

Group text
Group texts are the devil!

My phone is not the most reliable thing mainly because it’s old and it may have gotten wet a few times when I was out running in the rain, but mostly because it’s old. I just need to convince MacGyver of this because he really doesn’t want to get new phones yet.

A few weeks ago my phone just started randomly shutting off and then I would have to turn it back on and then this week it started having issues turning back on…as in, it doesn’t work! At all.

For fucks sake
As much as I love technology, I hate cell phones.  If I’m not answering your call right now, it’s most likely because I don’t know you’re calling me….most likely.

Since it’s balls hot and humid as all hell in Florida right now, I didn’t really feel like running this morning, so I checked out YouTube for some exercise videos but I did not expect to find this one:

If I knew how to animate, or even make videos, I would redo this whole thing with Eleanor Roosevelt in the lead!  Wouldn’t that be the best?

What kind of cell phone do you have?
What do like most about it?

6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – I’m probably not ignoring your call.

  1. I have a Blackberry Z10 🙂 I really like the OS. I’m not really an app person. I hate the iphone (sorrynotsorry) and I have one as my work phone. The only thing I like about it is that it has the Goodreads app. (And I am too lazy/don’t care enough to get it for my personal phone).

      • I hate touchscreens and would like my next phone to have a keyboard (Blackberry still makes new phones with KB).

        I don’t run with my phone. For music I have the Sony Walkman (wireless earbuds/MP3) and I have a Garmin – which I’d like to upgrade because it is so slow picking up satellites but I don’t want to spend that kind of money lol

  2. iPhone 5S for me. Although it does seem kinda small in screen size to the newer phones out there, but I do love it and the apps pretty much keep my life organized and me sane! I only use it as a phone maybe 5% of the time, so I could care less if the phone part didn’t even work!

    • I definitely need my apps more than my phone too and I tend to like the smaller screens, but only because I hate big bulky phones. I barely have room in my purse as it is. 🙂

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