WTF Wednesday, I now know who Gozuki is…and I still don’t care.

I logged on to the local news website last night to get caught up on the events of the day and check out the weather.  Imagine if you will that you and all your friends finally get your picture posted on the local news website, it’s your 15 minutes of fame,

scratchingand you’re the one standing there scratching your ass!  Epic.

I cannot go any further in this post until I show you the latest picture of the doves, and if you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably already seen it.  For some reason if I actually manage to take a good photo I feel like I have to post it on Instagram and hashtag the hell out of it, (even though when other people do that it drives me batty).

doves and babies

I may have used some effects but it’s still a good photo! #doves #nature #birds #myhashtagsarebetterthanyourhashtags #fuckhashtags

MacGyver said the babies look like Godzuki to which I replied, “Who is Godzuki?” Unfortunately, that innocent question resulted in my being subjected to watch countless YouTube video’s starring Godzuki, the animated nephew of Godzilla.  All. through. dinner!


I will not be making a mistake like that again because I will never get that hour back, ever.

This morning I read that Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn have broken up.  After 3 years they’ve called it quits citing hectic schedules however, new reports coming out indicate that Woods may have actually had an affair…an affair!

WTF? It must be Wednesday!

Now, it’s your turn, tell me your WTF moment of the day, or week.

6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, I now know who Gozuki is…and I still don’t care.

  1. I’ve never heard of Godzuki either! 🙂 My WTF moment this morning was WhereTF is my phone. I could not find it for hours, left the house, went to Sophia’s dentist appointment, and came back to find it in my girl’s closet. Don’t remember bringing it in there…WTF

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