The weekend recap with Jem and a hologram

We spent the weekend in the Venice area. Mom was already in Florida and driving up to meet us from Fort Myers so MacGyver and I left early Friday afternoon to head down. Before we left we put up booby traps to protect the baby doves and watered all the plants. All of my flowers are in full bloom right now and they are so lovely.

I decided to change things up a bit and put on something other than running clothes!  I know, everyone was shocked but sometimes you have to throw them for a loop.

rocking my converse







I guess in retrospect it wasn’t much of a stretch. I’m still in shorts albeit jean shorts, but I did wear a cute shirt, and instead of running shoes, I rocked my converse.

The drive down takes about an hour and 10 minutes or 2 games of sudoku depending on how you measure time but we beat mom to the house by about 30 minutes. The plan was for the three of us to go see MacGyver’s parents once mom arrived but it didn’t work out that way.

Once Mom arrived she got a call from her cousin who she had been traveling with and whom she had left in Fort Myers to visit with a brother. The cousin decided she’d rather come back up our way so we decided to go out to dinner and then go back to wait for them to arrive.

It was a unanimous decision on where to eat, Left Coast Seafood Company! It is our favorite by far.

The fish chowder was on point as usual.

fish chowder
And so was the pasta.

Lefty's pasta
After dinner we headed back to the house. And while waiting for mom’s cousin and her husband, I took a few random photos in the house.


And then MacGyver turned me and mom into our own little version of Jem and the holograms.  Although, it was more like Jem and the hologram since there was only the two of us…..

Technically Jem is a hologram so the band name doesn’t make sense.  It should be Jem and the additional holograms or Jem and the other holograms because Jem and the Holograms implies Jem is not a hologram…don’t you think?  Or maybe I just didn’t understand the original cartoon, but anyway, I was Jem, obviously.

jem and the holograms
Yes I know, I am dangerous when I’m bored.

Mom’s cousins arrived early that evening. They have 2 dogs as do MacGyver and I, and mom has one dog so it took a while to get all five dogs acclimated. Our tactic was to basically wear their butt’s out.

The next morning we all went to breakfast and then hit a few garage sales and then my mom’s cousin headed off taking with her the two dogs whom Hank had fallen in love with. We were left with one very sad dog,

cute dachshundand one very exhausted dog.

Saturday afternoon we headed over to MacGyver’s parents and the rest of the weekend was filled with lots of shopping, some eating and tons of fun. The only downer was that we had to eventually leave.

We got home around midnight so needless to say I’m a bit tired today. We also discovered that over the weekend, the baby doves had disappeared and since they weren’t anywhere near ready to leave the nest, we’re almost certain the neighbor’s cat got a hold of them. We were devastated and to make matters worse, I found a dead turtle on the shore of the pond early this morning. It was not a good weekend for the wildlife living around our home.

After running the Legacy Trail twice over the weekend, I had planned on taking the day off from running today, but I needed a release so I ran 5 miles on the treadmill this morning  and I felt so much better afterwards.   Running just soothes my soul.

So what did you do this weekend?

2 thoughts on “The weekend recap with Jem and a hologram

  1. I’m a bit off on my reading….getting back in regular home life and I’m dog sitting.
    My weekend was spent with a friend running errands, bought a dress and a washer.
    I kinda hate the washer 🙂 I guess I’ve gotten to that age where everything was better “back in my day”. The washer makes funny/annoying noises. But it cleans and it doesn’t leak and is not a front loader so I’m good.

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