I was the victim of a spit and run

Happy Monday! I hope that your weekend was as relaxing as mine was and I hope you had a beautiful Mother’s day as well.

lazy dog

          So you just wanna lay around all day? Okay, I’m in.

We found out that the mourning doves had 2 babies. We actually video taped them a few times and hopefully I’ll be able to channel my inner Steven Spielberg and put together one really cool video by the time they are ready to leave the nest.  You probably shouldn’t count on it though….

They really are the cutest things ever and you won’t believe how much they grow every single day, it’s the most amazing thing to watch.

I was having a few little, ahem, stomach issues last week, nothing too bad, and so Saturday morning I went out for a 5 mile run because sometimes that helps.  It’s a good release.

farting while running

See what I did there?

When I’m not feeling 100% or I know that I may have to cut my run short, I run in the neighborhood, very close to the house. I know almost everyone I see on the route.  It’s a circle that I repeat several times so I’m never too far from home, and although I rarely encounter any other runners, it’s still a nice route.

running circles

Okay, my circles are a bit bigger than this but hey, now I know where crop circles came from.

On Saturday I headed off and was feeling pretty good.  Sometime around a mile and a half  I came up behind another girl who was also running.  I was pretty stoked to see someone else in the neighborhood, after all I am the one who convinced 8 of my neighbors to run a 5K with me so I was really hoping that maybe she’d run a bit with me and I’d make a new running buddy.

As I came up behind the girl I realized she was running quite a bit slower than my pace so after a few minutes, I decided that I should probably just go around her.  If she looked over at me, I’d say hi and slow down to talk.

running buddy

It’s always fun to meet new running buddies…especially if they wear different shoes.

Since we were running on the sidewalk there wasn’t a lot of room and I didn’t want to scare her so I yelled out, “excuse me.” She didn’t hear me.  I repeated it again but when she still didn’t look behind, I figured she had headphones on or was listening to music or something and I decided just  to go ahead and pass her.

As I was approaching her left side is when it happened, the worst thing ever. I was thinking she would look over and maybe we’d speak or she’d nod or something but at the very least, I’d meet another runner in the neighborhood.

Instead she turned her head to the side………….and then she spit.  Flying Spit!  And guess where it landed?  Right on my neck.  EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!  And guess what happened next?  Yeah, she just went right on running as if nothing happened.

spit and run

I ran beside her, and then I passed her, and I looked right at her thinking she would realize she just spit on me and at least say something, because I know she knew what she did. I know she did but I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt.

She didn’t say anything. No, instead she shot me a look of disdain as if I had done something to her. That took me by surprise because I thought maybe she was embarrassed and that she would apologize, but then I realized she was just irritated that I had passed her and she wasn’t even wearing headphones!  So when I said excuse me, she most likely KNEW I was behind her!  UGH!

That’s when I realized I had become a victim of a serious, Spit and Run!

About a mile and a half later, I passed her once again.  I looked over again and this time she actually rolled her eyes at me. Rolled. Her. Eyes. Seriously.  That was it.  And if you know me, you know that it takes a lot to piss me off.  I am one of the most peaceful, non confrontational people you will ever meet, but even I have my limits.

I'm done.

I slowed down until she was within only a few feet of me. But I didn’t spit, I would never do that.  Instead, I decided to release all that gas and alleviate the pain in my stomach.  If she wasn’t going to apologize for spitting on me, I certainly wasn’t going to be considerate of her!

And so I farted, not once, not twice, but six times.  I’m sure the air behind me was in no way what you would consider ‘quality’ and there was no way in hell I was letting her pass me.

Taste the rainbow honey!

check mate bitchI can safely say that is the angriest I have ever been at another runner but I hope it never happens again.  There is no reason to be so inconsiderate, really, there isn’t.

What’s the worst thing someone has done to you while out running?
Has anyone ever spit on you?

8 thoughts on “I was the victim of a spit and run

    • It is sooooo disgusting and I hope I don’t see that girl again. I mean I spit when I run sometimes too but I have the fortitude and grace? to look to the side and behind me…people just kill me…

    • Well, I can’t be certain she was a real runner since it was the first time I’ve ever seen her, but she was a real beeyotch, that’s for sure, LOL And hopefully I never see her again….well, unless I have intestinal distress and in that case, bring it on. 😉

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