How Taylor Swift helped this guy shake off 425 pounds!

My legs feel like jello right now after my 6 miles on the treadmill this morning. I didn’t run terribly fast or anything and the incline was only set at 1%. I started at a 9:40 pace and finished at an 8:20 pace but it wore me out, and then I realized it’s been over a month since I ran more than 5 miles! It is definitely, officially summer time.

In case you don’t know about this guy, I wanted to tell you about Ronnie Brower.  Ronnie B. is amazing.  And I mean really, really amazing. Two years ago Ronnie weighed in at 675 pounds, but with the help of a couple of trainers, a former teacher, and some Taylor Swift music, Ronnie shook off 425 pounds!

Ronnie Brower

The former teacher, now an attorney, has fulfilled a promise to take Ronnie to a Taylor Swift concert but what he’d really like is for Ronnie to be able to meet Ms. Swift and so he posted the following video on YouTube.

Have you been following the story? I seriously hope that Taylor Swift responds with a backstage invite. I really do. Good luck Ronnie B and great job!

When I was younger I used to love all the sleep and I am not even kidding you. I used to take naps every day after school and I would think nothing of sleeping 12-14 hours at a time on the weekend. And then, as I got older, I started sleeping less and less each night. At first it was great because I felt like I got so much more accomplished in a day but then I realized the less I slept, the more my body and mind would suffer.

If you don’t believe sleep is important, this next video could really change the way you think about your sleeping patterns. Based on new research from Bensons for Beds, it reveals the damaging long and short-term effects of sleep deprivation on the appearance and self-esteem of women.

If you don’t believe you need 8 hours of sleep each night, this might change your opinion.

How many hours a night do you sleep?
What’s the most amount of weight you’ve ever lost and how long did it take you?

6 thoughts on “How Taylor Swift helped this guy shake off 425 pounds!

  1. I read this on the day I got very poor and about 6 hours of sleep! Ha. I’m getting ready to pop a couple melatonin and make up for last night.
    Despite the poor sleep, I still went for a run this evening! I’m really trying to get motivated and be consistent with getting back into it *pats back*

  2. While I’m not a fan of Taylor Swift, I love the fat that her music inspired Ronnie B to shed hundreds of pounds. Whatever it takes to reach a goal! Right?

    I was the same in high school. I used to take naps after school. Now, I’m lucky if I can sleep through the night. I guess the study proved that beauty sleep isn’t just an expression. We really do need out beauty sleep! It makes sense doesn’t it? As runners, we know rest is necessary.

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