Happy Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de hold the mayo!  Taco Bell is giving away free breakfast today in honor of Cinco de Mayo. FREE. BREAKFAST!  Now, if I only liked Taco Bell I’d be in business but something about a taco biscuit just sounds really, really bad.

Taco Hell
We’re still in Nokomis by the way. Luckily I can work from anywhere because when the fishing is good, it makes MacGyver a very happy man and he likes to stay with the fish. I am happy that were here for an entirely different reason and it’s all related to running, not fishing.

fishing funny

                           I need to put this on a T-shirt for MacGyver!

Nope, I love it down here because of the beauty that is the Legacy Trail. It’s literally right behind my house so it’s easy to get to and it goes on for miles. Whether you’ve got a short run or a long run planned, your bases are covered. Also, it doesn’t hurt that the scenery is beautiful.

These are the types of wild iris flowers you see in the morning.

There are yellow ones, which are my favorite.

wild iris yellow
And these bluish purple ones.

wild iris
I see some of the most beautiful plants when I’m out there and sometimes I see animals too. Yesterday a rabbit jumped right in front of me and crossed the trail. The flowers, the wildlife, those things make me happy.  I like the fishing too, but I really, really love running on the trail and for me, that’s a perfect way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo….

definitely not Taco Bell.

Are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo?
What are you doing today?

4 thoughts on “Happy Cinco de Mayo

  1. Taco biscuit?? That is just WRONG! Beautiful flowers! I would LOVE to have such a scenic place to run!

    Celebrating by eating some healthy Mexican food tonight…..ALONE! My hubby isn’t feeling well, due to some new meds and is only eating toast, but I MUST celebrate this holiday…..simply because I eat Mexican food anytime I get the chance!

    • I hate to hear that your hubby isn’t feeling well. I do hope he’s better soon..but I’m glad you’re going to get some Mexican food. I personally love authentic Mexican fare but it kills my stomach so I have to settle for the options my husband comes up with. They’re still good though, but I would so love to eat those spicy things 😉

  2. Sounds like a lovely and peaceful place! We are cooking at home tonight, so no real plans. We had outside-the-house plans but now one of my babies is sick and I just want all the cuddles from her when she’s not feeling well! Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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