Friday, four with a fugitive

This is definitely one of those weeks when I can say with absolute certainty, Thank God, it’s Friday! So, let’s just dive right in and talk about a few things.

First up y’all may remember when I told you how I found a really cool scunci headband with a built-in visor and I was in love with it. Well, they supposedly had additional patterns and colors and no matter how hard I looked, I could not find them anywhere. This week, my luck changed.

scunci visor

Look what I have now!  Three of them!

Also this week our weather took a little turn…TO THE COOLER SIDE! I am loving it. I got so excited when I saw that the early morning lows would be in the 60’s, seriously. You have no idea how very happy that makes me.

Look at this forecast:


That is pure heaven.

And because the weather has gotten so cool MacGyver decided it would be a great time to go out to the cabin. Typically, I would agree with him and since the cabin was hit by a burglar a few weeks ago, we’ve both been itching to get back out there. The cabin is in a recreational area inside 10,000 remote acres of land and each of the property owners own pieces of land that were mostly sold in increments of 1.25 acres. MacGyver and I own around 5 acres or so. Anyway, only those who own property are allowed keys to get into the 10,000 acres, but people often bring guests as do we.

We originally thought that maybe one of those ‘guests’ might have hit our cabin but then other property owners were robbed as well. I followed along on the facebook page keeping abreast of the situation and then this happened:


When our cabin was robbed MacGyver and our friend Frank did a little recon and guess who they saw squatting in a camper not far from our cabin….yep, said fugitive, only they didn’t know who he was at the time. No one did.

However, once we found out, we were even more peeved to learn that one of the local land owners was possibly protecting him, (he even had the nerve to defend him on facebook). This guy is still on the loose but the sheriff’s office is aware of the situation and patrolling the area searching for him. This is the reason I decided NOT to go to the cabin with MacGyver this weekend and I think I’ll just keep a safe distance until said fugitive is captured.  I tend to have bad luck in weird situations so I’d just rather not.

Yesterday I had to take the dogs to the vet for their yearly exams, immunizations and basic check-ups. The appointment had been scheduled for a few weeks and since both of my dogs are dog reactive, we go to great lengths to schedule at a time when no other dogs are present in the lobby. The appointment was for 3:20 in the afternoon. At 8:30am Hank stepped on a flipping red ant and had a bad reaction. So much for planning ahead.

Anyway, the kid has Thursday’s off so he was able to go along and help because otherwise I could not have done it. Both dogs are fine and Hank is on a round of steroids, not because of the ant bite but because of his allergies. He’s allergic to grass which makes life interesting because he’s a dachshund.


It’s so hot here in the summer that I was really hoping he could go ‘naked’ this year but it looks like he’ll be back in t-shirts. Thankfully he’s got hundreds of them and at least he has some cute ones.


I look pretty badass in a hoodie, right?

I’m really looking forward to the weekend. How about you?

6 thoughts on “Friday, four with a fugitive

  1. That’s really scary! My house was robbed when i was 16, and they never found the guy but we’re pretty sure it was someone my step brother knew…
    So weird that your dog is allergic to grass! I’ve never heard of such a thing!

    • I know it is weird right? But my vet says it’s very common in Dachshunds. Apparently they have pretty severe allergies. He even has to eat grain free food because he is allergic to grains. Figures, I would have a high maintenance dog, LOL

  2. It’s a 3 day weekend for me and I went to Prague. And stumbled onto another marathon! WTF Lol I don’t think they do halfs over here. Seems to be relays or team if you don’t do a full. I looked to see if I could do the fun run 3k but all seems to be sold out.

    I might be able to catch some of the race before I depart.

    • Okay, this trip you’re on, now prague! I am so seriously jealous! And if you get to run a race on top of that well, you just win the year. 🙂 Have fun this weekend!!!

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