A Dolphin Tale

As promised I have a really good story for you.

If you know anything about me and MacGyver, then you know we love to fish and we are extremely competitive.  When we first got the house in Nokomis we had a contest to see who would catch the first redfish and I won.  It was a short-lived victory however because 25 minutes later MacGyver caught one too, and his was bigger.  Of course.

So then we altered the contest and it became about who could catch the biggest fish and it’s been going back and forth for some time.  I win, he wins, and then we add variables like who can catch the most fish.  You get the point.

But then the family got the Englewood house and there were new areas to fish, like Stump Pass.

Stump Pass

And now we had another ‘who could catch the first redfish’ contest.  It was deja vu.  I was ready.  I was prepared.  I was confident.

And I won…..well, sort of.

This is the beautiful area that we were fishing in.

fishing in englewood

I threw my line out and left the bail open.  After I reached the perfect spot, I closed the bail and I waited ever so patiently.  My sister-in-law and her husband were also on the boat and they along with MacGyver were fishing from the other side or what I refer to as ‘the wrong side’.

It only took about 15 minutes before I saw a swirl behind my line and then I felt the tug.  I knew immediately what I had.  I pulled one time and set the hook and the fight was on.  Just a few yards from the boat I saw it….it was at least 25″ long.   It was an absolutely  perfect redfish, and only a few feet from the boat.

And that’s when it happened….

or rather he happened.


                  This my friends, is dolphin JAWS!

He swooped in and he took the redfish hook, line and all.  We saw him leap out of the water with the fish hanging out of his mouth as I screamed NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I would have given a million dollars to get an actual picture of that moment.  It would have easily made the cover of National Geographic magazine  This is a scene straight out of shark week only this was a damn dolphin!.

MacGyver said I have the best fish story he’s ever heard and I’ve got 3 witnesses who actually can back it up so I guess I win at something…..but it doesn’t make it better.

Because you know who really won?


                                      YEP,  THIS GUY!

Now, it’s your turn.

Tell me your best fish story or your best dolphin story. 

6 thoughts on “A Dolphin Tale

  1. Great story! So, I’m wondering, what happens to the hook in all of this?? Many years ago, as a young boy, I was fishing for salmon in B.C and when we cast our bait out, before it could sink, a seagull swooped down and took it! All of the sudden, the rod was pointed up instead of down!

    • LOL, I call seagull’s searats and that happens to us a lot. It’s shocking at first but then you sort of get use to it and figure out how to shoo those little boogers away. As for the hook, I would say it might come out in the redfish poop but since the dolphin ate him, I guess it’s forever gone….add that to the things I lost that day. 🙁

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