WTF Wednesday – Thrust 2, 3, 4

Yesterday I wanted to try a new workout because I get bored with the same things over and over again which is why I love youtube.  I can do a different routine every day of my life without ever having to repeat one, well, unless I live to be like 10,000 years old or something but that’s not even possible so what I’m saying is absolutely correct.

I'm always right

Anyway, I decided to do a barre workout, but because I was really busy doing work things yesterday I didn’t get a chance to begin the workout until around 4PM. Typically I like to run in the morning and then do any additional workouts during the week on my lunch hour. The main reason is so that I don’t have to deal with situations like the one I dealt with yesterday.

This is the workout that I chose and let me just go ahead and warn you, it almost killed me. For the record, I haven’t done many barre routines. As a matter of fact, I have no idea how hard they should or shouldn’t be, but this is the hardest one I have personally ever done.

That being said, I actually liked the workout except for the fact that some of the exercise counts are in 100 increments and the lady actually counts off every single one. When I’m really pushing myself and sweating like a pig, I don’t need to know that I’m only on 38, 39, 40, 41…you get the point. It’s freakin annoying!


32, 33, 34, 35, 36, thirty you gotta long way to go girl!

Sometime around the 17 minute mark, you do thrusts, yes thrusts, exactly as you are imagining them.  And this is the time that MacGyver came home and the reason I avoid late day workouts.

MacGyver: What the hell are you doing?
ME: A barre workout.
MacGyver: Seriously? You’re thrusting. Thrusting is part of the workout?
ME: Yes.
MacGyver: So this is a real workout?
ME: Yes.
MacGyver: When do you move on to the pole?
ME: It’s not that kind of bar!

UGH! I made it to the 31 minute mark and then I shut the thing off.

This morning I was searching for fitness workouts on youtube looking for something different and I found the most delightfully disturbing thing I’ve ever seen.

I am sticking to a squat workout today, preferably at lunch.  It seems to be the safest bet.

WTF?  It is Wednesday!

Do you mind if your spouse or partner watches you work out?
Does it bother you when the instructor counts off every single rep?

14 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – Thrust 2, 3, 4

  1. OMG, that workout with the dogs is crazy! I have never tried a barre workout, but it looks good actually. My husband gets to make fun of me every time I do my PT exercises (“monster walks” with a stretchie band and clamshells), which has been very often lately!! the nerve of some people 🙂

    • LOL, I too do the clamshells on the reg and my husband has all kinds of colorful comments, the bastard! jk

      You should definitely try a barre workout, I can tell it is going to do wonders for my hips, which are a constant source of trouble for me. Try one of the workouts on youtube if you’re unsure because you can choose from so many til you find one you like. (Can you tell I love me some youtube, lol) Be sure to come back and tell me if you like it though, okay? 🙂

  2. Haha on MacGyver’s comment. I am doing a bunch of “thrusting” these days with my new strength training routine. Using a Strong Curves plan. The first pic on his site is kind of humorous. Love those things. My booty is building and it is helping me with my sciatica!

    I try and shut my man out (in my head), because he chimes in on DVDs and is wicked with the jokes when I am on the treadmill. As if I didn’t realize I sound like an elephant on it. He likes when I do strength training. Something about how I focus on moves he finds sexy. Weirdo! (I love lifting with him. Really, I do)

    I love barre routines and just so happen to have a barre. It’s purple. Don’t judge. 😛 Counting sucks. I understand saying how many to do, but let it go after that. I will shoot for the number and keep moving the entire time. I do have a couple workouts that have a thing that slides on the screen as you do each moves. Feels less irritating and I feel like there is an end in sight.

    • You had me at sciatica. That is the main reason I’m doing it. I have to check out that website. I hate exercising in front of MacGyver but I love lifting with him…only because I want him to know how strong I am in case I ever feel the need to kill him, haha.

      • Seriously, it is helping. Something happened when I started to run and then cut way back on ST. My butt vanished. I am also doing more core work for balance. I like the book. I have tons of books and this is at the top. There are some organization issues, but I flag my routines. I have heard that the digital has some more issues. I am a print gal with my ST books. As I do some routines, I will share them with ya. Here is a link to a bunch of articles (many on T-Nation, which I like):

        • Love it and the same thing happened to me, my butt started to vanish and my doc says without the cushioning it is affecting my Sciatic nerve. Who knew? I will check out all of this, I’m a nerd for core and strength, I think it’s key, especially when we get older. 🙂

  3. I NEVER let MacGyver’s brother in the room when I’m doing my barre workout with my beloved Physique 57 DVDs. The Snark is Strong in that bloodline, no joke. Oh yeah, I like to swear at the TV when she’s counting all those reps, and nobody needs to hear that business.

    • They are snarky siblings! MacGyver told me at least 20 times, ‘you’re not squating deep enough’ UGH, he’s lucky I turned the tv off instead of chucking it at him! BTW, did you hear we got the parents a wii system? Bet I know some kids who’ll be excited….;)

  4. Oh that would be annoying for so many reps! I do Bar Method and they count some things, but in a way that it seems small and easy to handle (and often with like “ten more” etc.) and encourages, not DISCOURAGES you!! Come to class with me sometime!

    Oh–and I do get SO self conscious when people watch me work out. My Uncle was adorable and he always liked to watch my yoga home practice to be inspired by me and learn from me–but it made me so self-conscious about what I was doing lol.

    • I would love to come to class with you sometime! If I can ever figure out my crazy insane schedule! It is on the bucket list though for sure. And might I add, your yoga poses on your IG account are Ah-mazing!

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