WTF Wednesday – my first novel.

This girl had a great post on the f’d up things her state, (the state of Indiana), has done. You should really go read it because it’s great and she’s hilarious anyway. In the closing she said she wanted to hear from readers about the screwed up things our states have done. She specifically called out Arizona and Florida, but of course.

Welcome to Florida
So I started writing a comment but then it turned into a post and two hours later I realized I had written my first novel. I’m currently interviewing publishers. In fact, considering it’s about the governing body of the great state of Florida, I may have to turn it into a trilogy or a series. It doesn’t really matter how many books I write anyway, everybody knows Floridians can’t count.

counting in Florida
Yesterday afternoon I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror as I walked by the hallway and I was shocked at how deep the wrinkles on my forehead looked. As the day went on I became even more aware and I started to feel a bit self-conscience about it, but the Universe has a way of working things out.

This morning when I opened up my email the very first one was a groupon…for botox! Hallelujah!


          I’m sorry Worf, but we can no longer be twinsies!

Yesterday the dogs and I took a quick trip to the bank. As we were leaving, we carefully pulled out of the drive thru and began driving through the parking lot. Just as we were approaching a lady parked in a BMW, she popped her car in reverse and began backing out of the space and toward the side of my car, fast! She literally got within an inch of us and she never even saw us.

Having absolutely no time to react, I sure was glad when she threw her car in drive and sped off. It was only then that I had the chance to lay down on the horn, which believe it or not, surprised the hell out of her. She had no idea what she had just done. No flipping clue.

All I can say is, Thank God Hank was driving!

Dachshund Driving

                        My reflexes are on fleek!

WTF?  It’s Wednesday!

Did you have some great coffee this morning?  No traffic on your way to work?   Tell me about the highlight of your day so far, go!

6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – my first novel.

  1. I’m always embarrassed by the national news florida makes. and we make so much of it.
    Did you ever watch Cougar Town? They made so many Tampa specific jokes on that show. They mentioned the strip clubs and raunchy people of our beautiful city many times. I’m a Tampa native, so I guess I should take offense to that, but I instead I just laugh.

    • I did notice that on Cougar Town and I often wondered if the writers didn’t have ties to Tampa in some way…and even though I’m not originally from Florida it does put a stick in my craw when people make fun of our beautiful state. It can’t be all that bad, if it were, so many of them wouldn’t want to move here! 🙂

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