WTF Wednesday, I am not an April Fool!

I’ve been banking with PNC for several years. Initially, I opened my business account with them when they were Bank Atlantic because they offered a free business checking account and then they were purchased by PNC a few years ago.

When PNC took over, I got a letter which explained the changes and gave me instructions on how to login to the new system. I logged onto my account using my social security number per the banks instructions, and low and behold, I was staring at the account of a church in California. And the account was overdrawn! Seriously overdrawn.

you aint got no money

PNC explained that the church’s tax status ID number was the exact same number as my social security number. That’s hardly plausible but good to know.  The customer service rep at PNC even said to me, “it’s a church, I highly doubt they would consider stealing your money.”

Yes, because the Church of the worthless check writing doesn’t believe in stealing.

Still, it took almost a week for me to gain access to my account and in that time I had no idea what was going on behind the scenes. It was stressful and unnerving yet unbelievably I forgave PNC and have continued using their services without any major issues…until now.

Recently I opened another business account and I ordered simple, basic, as cheap as you can get them checks and then I waited. Four weeks.  No checks came.  One more week went by and I still had no checks.

Two weeks ago I went back to the bank and requested the checks again. The branch manager apologized profusely and said he would get them out as soon as possible and that brings us to yesterday when I needed to pay a bill. With no checks I had to use a starter check but the recipient would not accept it, understandably.  So I called the bank and asked to speak to the branch manager. Conveniently, he was on the phone but the teller promised to have him call me as soon as possible. I gave up on a return call around 7PM last night.

customer service sucks
This morning I called the customer service office and after explaining the entire situation the customer service rep told me that no checks had ever been ordered and then she placed the order for the checks, all while apologizing over and over. Then she told me the total for the checks was 37 dollars and said that I should receive them by mid-April, yes, mid-April!

After I silently counted to a billion I suggested they should consider over-nighting them to me to try and rectify the situation. She agreed that this would be the right thing to do and then she placed me on hold.

I waited for a short time and when she came back she said she’d be happy to overnight the checks to me and that she could just debit my account for the overnight fee because unfortunately there was no one available to waive the fee. She said after I receive the checks, I could dispute the charges. All one hundred and seventy eight dollars! No, really.

filing complaints
So I asked when they would issue a credit, if I had them send the checks overnight and then disputed the charges. She said there was no guarantee they would refund the money but I had a 50/50 shot so if she were me, she’d go for it. Stunned, I said, “Is this an April Fools day joke?” Because I was almost certain at this point that it was.  And in a confused voice she said, “What?”


And then I realized…it’s Wednesday! 

I didn’t overnight the checks. Instead, I spent the morning moving my account to another bank.  This might be April, but I ain’t no fool!

Now tell me about an unbelievable customer service moment that you’ve had. I need to know I’m not alone!

4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, I am not an April Fool!

    • Most likely it does, but the operative word here is belated. It’s unfortunate that anyone should ever have to experience such horrible customer service but especially more than once. Thankfully, in this day and age, we have such a wonderful public forum in which to share 😉

  1. Oh. MY. Word. That’s awful! I deal with a credit union and they’ve always been amazing. I love that yellow meme card lol I get that crap all the time when I need to call insurance companies for customers at the pharmacy lol

    • In a surprise twist to the story, the bank called me this afternoon and offered to send the checks via 3 day service, for free, and also to comp me for the checks! Crazy…

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