Thursday, ticks, running stats and such.

Y’all summer is upon us. I realize that some of you are still dealing with some cooler weather but down here in Florida we’re already feeling the hot weather. Hot weather brings out all kinds of critters down here including ticks. Because I grew up in the south, I’m well aware of how to remove them but apparently a lot of people aren’t. Ticks are not only responsible for Lime disease but a whole host of other illnesses as well. In case you don’t know how to properly remove them, here’s a great video.

removing a tickClick here to view the video.

If you love analytics and statistics as much as I do, you’ll love this next article I found. A statistician by the name of Robert Britt actually took all of the data from the finishers of this year’s Boston Marathon and compared them to past years to uncover some pretty interesting data such as average times based on gender and age and the average finish time of females based on their divisions.

boston marathon stats

Check it out here.

And if you like running statistics in general check out these marathon statistics from the website Pretty cool stuff.

marathons by the numbersClick here to read all the stats.

And my favorite article chock full of running stats includes all kinds of interesting info, such as:

interesting running stats
Read the full article here

Do you have any interesting facts or data about running you’d like to share?
Do you wear compression socks?
What kind of running shoes do you wear?

6 thoughts on “Thursday, ticks, running stats and such.

    • LOL, I purposefully did not show that one to my husband. He already says that no one in their right mind has over 100 pairs of running shoes and if he had any idea of how much they ‘actually’ cost, I’d probably be in trouble….oops.

  1. 32 is probably me haha
    40. I should try that. But the thought if wearing them in the FL humidity is unappealing.
    34. Huh. I try not spend more than $100. I like the Brooks line. But I have a hard time finding shoes that fit. Maybe I should go back to my cheaper shoes.

    • I’m not sure I fully believe 32 because I believe even if you have to walk/run everyone who is reasonably healthy has the ability to run a marathon. I do love my compression socks but in the summer here, they kill me, I just cant do it. And I also love Brooks, I’ve been wearing PureFlow’s for a while however, just in the past 2 months I’ve starting wearing my Mizuno wave riders more. They seem to feel a bit better. Not sure why….

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