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      • ok… and don’t consider this to be from a males perspective… because how many males can say they made it on GOMI?! When I first watched it was like, “really”? There’s a couple of emotions that were conjured up when I watched this video (and apparently there’s another video where she “photoshops” herself into an image that’s quote unquote, “more healthy”). First, body shaming has no place in this world. It’s cruel, it’s mean, it effn sucks. Second, those people who are writing those hateful comments hide behind their phones and computers. They don’t have a spine. But control what you can, right?

        I started blogging almost a year ago. May 31 makes a year. I had no idea where it would lead me and how it would affect my life. I was naive to think that everyone would like me and my content. And as a computer nerd, a senior software engineer, I totally totally didn’t think about the ramifications of putting myself out there.

        People can be downright mean, judgmental, opinionated, critical…they don’t give an eff sometimes about people feelings. But, I put myself out there. I decided to put my face on social media and put my personal life on blast. If I don’t like it and can’t deal with, then that’s pretty much my fault… I can honestly say, the snark doesn’t get to me. If you let it, it can tear you down! It can break you into pieces.

        Sounds harsh? maybe. I don’t follow her. I can see from the snippets of her second video that she has a huge following! And that post generated over 1000’s of comments… And if she inspires and helps just one person, that should be enough for her. If she inspires a hundred or a million, to a point where she’s traveling and doing seminars and training…that’s totally awesome! But obviously, it comes with a price.

        We can have the most popular people make commercials, make pleas, make public service announcements to stop cyber bulling. We see people drive themselves to death because of it. But will it ever stop? We can all hope. I hope so…

        Sometimes you have to just ignore the hate, right? You gotta try and be immune to the haters. Focus on the ones you help. Focus on the ones you inspire.

        alright…sorry… long rant.

        • Well said and I agree. I, like you, don’t let those people get to me, but I also don’t have 2 millions followers and I’ve never made it on GOMI (where is the love?) So who knows how I’d feel if it was my ‘job’ and I was constantly trying to help people and constantly getting beat down. She admits that she grew up a bit chubby so she probably has some insecurities way down deep that came to the surface after the constant bashing, otherwise it probably wouldn’t bother her. But I give her mad respect for putting herself out there like that and for turning the tables on the ones who are spewing the hate and I hope she stays strong.

          And you can rant here anytime my friend, it’s all good 🙂

  1. I will never understand why people make rude comments on the Internet, and especially to people they don’t know! AND she’s beautiful so people are just being mean to be mean. Dumb! lol

    • I really hate when I see mean spirited and hateful comments and I try to remember what someone very wise once told me, “People who spread hate don’t really hate you, most likely they hate themselves”.

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