The weekend and some lessons learned.

On Thursday MacGyver and I decided to pack up the doggies and head on down to Venice for the next four days.  Since the parents are in Englewood now, there’s lots of things to do and new places to explore and we needed to get to it.  Not that we were looking forward to this……

Manasota Beach

      You’d probably sacrifice if you had to go down here too, right?

We packed up MacGyver’s Truck and loaded up the dogs and got ready to go.  This is how Boomer and Hank do a road trip.

dogs sleeping

Car rides make us sleepy….

And this is how Mommy road trips.


Lesson Learned: A 1 hour and 15 minute car ride is a breeze when you occupy your mind with some hard-core Sudoku.  Not even MacGyver’s driving bothered me. I know, it surprised me too.

I have been sick for the last few weeks. At first it was just a minor cold so I tried to keep running but by last Tuesday it was moving down into my chest and so I didn’t run at all for the rest of the week. That was not an easy thing to do but I took it real easy and I completely embraced my lazy side.


I have no shame in mentioning that I laid on my butt for two days straight and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But you know what? I got better.

Lesson Learned: If you’re sick or something hurts, rest! You’d think that would be an easy one but some people get injured or sick and keep right on running all the miles, even at the expense of their permanent health.  If your leg hurts it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize if you keep running on it, it won’t get better. ever.

Regardless of how you feel, if you have pets, they still need their exercise, so if they’re used to going on walks, then they still want to walk even if you’re sick. I didn’t feel much like walking the dogs this week so I found another way to get them their exercise and it worked like a charm.

dachsund and lab

Um, yeah, I’m pretty sure your body type was not made for this flotation device. Someone stop the lab!


dachshund on raft

You said surfing, this is NOT surfing!

Lesson Learned: Pets need exercise too. If you don’t feel up to walking them, find a pool. If you can’t find a pool, find friend who has a pool and doesn’t mind dog hair.  A lot of dog hair.

On Saturday night the parents wanted to take MacGyver and me to dinner. Originally we had planned on going to a new place that had just opened but when we got there the wait was 45 minutes so we went to another place. Unfortunately, the wait there was 1 hour and 15 minutes. The third place we went to was Pelican Alley.

Pelican Alley
There was no wait at all and we got right in and the food was awesome.  And the view didn’t suck either!  There’s nothing like eating by the water and watching all the boats go by.

Lesson Learned: Sometimes the last choice is the best choice, oh, and don’t wait til you’re starving to go to a restaurant, you might end up eating way more than you normally would. Not that I would know or anything.

ate too much

Could someone just roll me to the bed….

This morning I am feeling much better and I was able to get in 3 miles before 8am. I would have like to run more but it was so humid and hot, I just couldn’t handle it. Guess I should try leaving earlier or maybe come up with another plan.

Lesson Learned: If the weather were you live makes it uncomfortable or almost unbearable to run, and that’s what your weather is like 80% of the time, move! Or shut your pie hole and run on.

Hope y’all had a fantastic weekend.
Now, tell me about a recent lesson that you’ve learned.

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  1. Totally with you on the weather here in FL. and I don’t even run. So hot so humid but considering it snowed last week up north I will not complain !

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