The Boston Marathon 2015

Today is a day that all runners look forward to whether they’re running or not. At 9:32am this morning, the elite women runners will begin a 26.2 mile journey. Shortly after the elite men will follow, and then 4 waves of additional runners. And most likely, they’ll be racing in the rain.

It doesn’t matter. This is the Boston Marathon. The 119th Boston Marathon. I love the Boston Marathon and I’ll be following along on social media and through live feed throughout the day.

This year the women’s U.S. elite competitors are pretty closely matched. Shalane Flanagan, Desiree Linden and Amy (Hastings) Cragg will all be running, and any one of them could realistically win this race. My bet is that this year Shalane will be a little more conservative at the onset and Desi will probably be more aggressive but past that point, who knows. They also have to beat last year’s runner up, Buzunesh Deba. That may prove to be their biggest challenge.

I’m also really excited to see Sage Canady. He’s an ultrarunner who most recently won the North Face Endurance Challenge 50 miler. He’s run several marathons as well, including the L.A. Marathon of this year where he finished in 2:20. But the reason I’ll be watching, is to see if he finishes in 2:18 as he tries to qualify for the 2016 U.S. Olympic trials. (I’ve got my fingers crossed.)

And of course, I’ll be watching Meb. I’d love to see him win again this year, I really would. He’s got some serious competition this year but Meb has a lot of heart and coupled with his talent, that could be all he needs.

To say that the Boston Marathon is the most desirable race for any runner is an understatement. Runner’s train for years and hope to qualify, some do and some don’t. Some even go to extreme measures like this lady:

fake boston winnerAfter reading the article I searched google for race stats and info about this lady and her stats are all over the place which leads me to believe she has always been a fraud.
Click here to read the full article.

If you’re wondering where you can follow along, you can watch a live feed of the race here.  And now, I’m going for a run because one day I hope to run the Boston Marathon too.

Will you be watching the Boston Marathon today?
Do you know anyone who is running?
Is the Boston Marathon one of your running goals?

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