Just a quickie before I row away….

Hey kids, how is your weekend going?

We are doing all kinds of fun stuff over here.  I’ll have some more updates soon including a race recap and some other exciting stuff but I wanted to just share a few scenes with you from the weekend so far…

First a little something from Friday.  I think I mentioned we were going to the International Mall.  Hello…………..Apple Store!

apple watch

Y’all the new Apple Watch is Ah-mazing and I want one sooooooooooooo bad.

On Saturday morning I headed over to the Tampa Fairgrounds with Jayde and Lily and we ran the ColorMeRad 5K.

Before we ran the color me rad

Here we are before the run all clean and sparkly and silly!

And then we ran, and walked, and jumped up and down, and skipped, and danced, but the point is, we ended up looking like this after 3.1 miles:

After the colormerad5k

We got ALL the color!

We’re lucky we got the after shot though because at first I ask this nice little elderly lady to take our picture and thankfully I looked at it right after; then I asked another person to take a picture because folks, this is the picture that sweet little lady took:

a bad picture

Um yeah, not quite the picture we were going for.

After the run, I dropped Lily and Jayde off and headed home where MacGyver had a surprise waiting for me.

two watermelons

Not one but TWO watermelon’s just for me!  I am so lucky to have such a great guy.  I might even share….

I think I mentioned that our Jacaranda tree is in full bloom but I wanted to show you just how many blooms.  Hopefully, you can see all the purple.

jacaranda tree

And I really have to show you a picture of my gnomes, well three of them anyway.

Garden Gnomes

Did you look closely?

No?  Well, one of the gnomes has become home to a lizard.  Check it out:

gnome and lizard

It doesn’t take much to amuse me.  I need look no further than my own backyard.

That’s my little weekend update, and now MacGyver and I are going to get in that paddle boat in the previous picture and row on out of here!

What are you doing this weekend?

6 thoughts on “Just a quickie before I row away….

  1. Look at all of your color! Like I said before, I just ended up brown.

    I always have the subject look at the picture I took for their approval.

    There are a couple of gnomes in a tree (and in the yard) of the house outside my window.

  2. OMG, I love the lizard!! So cute! I did a Color Run with my kids last year. I thought people throwing colors in my face would be super annoying, but it turned out to be just a lot of fun. Nice picture of your shoes. haha Our colors all washed out of our clothes, which I wasn’t expecting. I tried to “save them” but it didn’t work. Bummer!

    • I washed mine right away and the dark shorts came out clean as a whistle but the color stayed in the white shirt, it was weird, that was exactly what I wanted to happen. I should have played the lottery that day 😉

  3. Great pics, good call on getting that second Rad pic! Looks like a great time. Did you wear anything over your eyes at all? Love the wildlife, thanks goodness we’re starting to get some similar weather around these parts!

    • Unfortunately I forgot to wear the sunglasses that I purposely bought for the occasion but fortunately it wasn’t an issue. Our temps have been in the mid to high 80’s and I’m already missing winter 🙁

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