Could you pass the FBI fitness test?

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And now, did you know that it’s been over a decade since the FBI required it’s agents to perform a physical fitness test?  Well, it has been, but all that has changed.

Oh really?

Agents are now required to complete a fitness test consisting of 4 separate challenges. When I heard about this the first thing I wanted to do was to see if I have what it takes, physically anyway, to be an FBI agent. Want to know how I measure up? Do you wonder how you would measure up? Well then, read on.

I accept the challenge

The fitness test consists of 4 separate challenges, Push Ups, Sit Ups, A 300 meter sprint and a 1.5 mile run. You have to complete each of the 4 challenges successfully with no more than a 5 minute break in-between.

First Up: Sit-Ups
You have to do one minute of continuous sit-ups and that means no breaks! You start lying on the floor with your hands behind your head and your feet at a 90 degree angle. You are allowed to have a partner hold your toes but I chose not to because I’m good like that.

For a sit-up to count you must lift your torso up until your back is perpendicular to the floor and then when you go back down your shoulder blades must touch the floor.

How many do you need to do to pass?
Women: 35 or more
Men: 38 or more

Next up is a 300 meter sprint.
300 meters is ¾’s of a track lap or around 2/10 th’s of a mile. You start from s standing positions and sprint the entire 300 meters.

What does it take to pass?
Women: 64.9 seconds or less
Men: 52.4 seconds or less

Next are the Push-Ups
I don’t know how you feel about push-ups but these are the things my nightmares are made of. Fortunately this isn’t a timed test but you do have to do a full push up meaning toes on the floor. You just do as many continuous push-ups as you can with no breaks.

What is passing?
Women: 14 or more.
Men: 30 or more.
(That’s a big difference isn’t it?)

Last is the 1.5 mile run.
I was pretty sure I had this but keep in mind you only get a 5 minute break between challenges.

What is passing?
Women: 13:59 or less
Men: 12:24 or less

These passing scores are based on the minimums needed to pass the test but if you’re curious about the actual scoring system, you can visit the FBI’s website.

So how did I do?

I passedSit-Ups: 41
300 Meter Run: 62.7
Push-Ups: 19 BAM!
1.5 Mile Run: 11:52

again, im awesome
The hardest thing for me was the push-ups but the 300 meter run was also hard which really surprised me but it’s probably because I’m not used to sprinting.  Anyhow, from now on you can call me Agent Up and Humming because I passed!

Now it’s your turn, take the test and tell me how you did!  Seriously, do it now!

7 thoughts on “Could you pass the FBI fitness test?

  1. Wow that’s still pretty intense! I definitely wouldn’t pass the test. Seems unfair considering the only one you’d probably actually do in the field would be running! If there was a spinning part, I’d kill it 🙂 So awesome that you were able to do it all!

    • I wont lie it wasn’t easy, but it was easier than one would think a physical test for the FBI would be. Apparently, there are more difficult challenges depending on the specialty of the agent. I’d be interested in seeing how hard those are! 🙂

  2. For a minute there I thought this was your WTF Wednesday post.

    SHOW OFF! Aren’t you just special!!! 🙂

    I can tell you that at this point I cannot kick out all of that. I could do the sit-ups and some push ups, but I am back to sucking at it. Knee eliminates the run part now. Could I have done it before? We will pretend that I could:)

    • Hehe. I bet you could do it if your knee was better, in fact, I’m sure you could. Even though I did it, I pushed hard and I thought I was gonna have a heart attack after! The sprint and the push-ups did me in… and I thought it was going to be a cake walk… 😮

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