WTF Wednesday – Slick Rick

After taking Monday off, I woke up Tuesday and ran 8 miles and guess what….there was no pain. Mind you, I ran really slow and conservative but still, it felt good. I’m hoping it continues to feel okay when I go for my run today. I may just be stressing out over nothing but then that’s what I do, right?

I’ve spent quite a few hours over the last several days working in my yard. Unfortunately it was seriously neglected over the winter and needs a lot of TLC. I find working in the yard cathartic and I actually enjoy it, maybe a bit too much. Yesterday I got lost in my thoughts as I was weeding, planting and watering, and somehow I forgot that I was wearing some shorts that were a bit on the shorter side. Thankfully a neighbor alerted me to my faux pas.

Dayumm girl
It would have been nice if he would have gotten out of the car instead of yelling, and it would have been even nicer if I’d actually known him…. but he did alert me to the situation so for that I’m thankful. Always look on the bright side, I say.

Have you gotten use to the time change yet? I’m still having some issues. For starters, I was really enjoying the fact that the sun was up at 6:45 and I could get out bright and early. On Tuesday I left at 7:30 and it was still a little dark. I hate not getting out by 7am because I usually have fairly busy mornings.

Time change

It also takes me forever to catch up on my sleep, that one hour lost seems to affect me for days, if not longer. And according to this article, work place injuries spike right after the time change. I’m not the least bit surprised, are you?

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Did you see last week’s episode of The Walking Dead? Was it just me or did the kiss between Rick and Jessie seem awkward? It gave me the creeps. I don’t know why but I just don’t find Rick Grimes the least bit sexy, he’s no Daryl Dixon anyway.

I’m not sure where that story line is headed but I am really glad to see that scary Carol is back. It’s about time!

I’m not sure I liked the sappy, tender hearted Carol that we saw in the last few episodes of the previous season. She’s a much better character when she’s threatening to kill children, don’t ya think?

look at the flowers

See, always look on the bright side…

How has the time change affected you?
Do you feel sleep deprived this week?

10 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – Slick Rick

  1. Ha! Well, at least someone was nice enough to remind you. 😉
    You do live in Florida so people should be used to seeing more skin there, right?
    I’m glad you aren’t having any pain while running! That’s always nice 🙂

  2. I was still get over jet lag from a week in LA and whatever kind of lag you want to call spending a night in your college aged daughter’s apartment when I got smacked with Daylight Saving Time? And what about the full moon messing up sleep??? Yeah, I believe in that so suffice it to say I am dragging myself through this week! Thanks for commiserating via #TBB #LinkLove 🙂

  3. I just had to quickly skip over the end of your blog post…Because I am behind on #thewalkingdead and catching up tonight!! Thanks for including a spoiler alert! (Phew. Crisis averted.)

  4. bahahaha….. I loved this week’s episode of TWD. And yes, that kiss was extremely awkward. It was as if he was going in open mouthed, then at the last minute decided a peck was more appropriate. And I’m with you on the Carol topic too. That scene was epic.

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