WTF Wednesday: Paintings that do not exist and bad photography.

I wanted to watch season 3 of the Bates Motel really badly but I failed. I looked up the premier date and somehow I got it wrong so I’ve missed not only the premiere but also the second episode. I think the show airs on Monday nights but somehow I thought it was Wednesday. It’s not my fault, I blame it on A&E’s website. It’s impossible to decipher.

I dont understand
Mom and I shopped all day yesterday and then we spent hours looking for information on a Charles Wysocki painting that we bought. We think it’s from the 70’s and we were convinced that our two dollar purchase would basically be worth a year of retirement at least but after many hours on the internet searching we can’t even find proof that the painting ever existed.

Image is not real
Last night was a night that many people, especially of Irish descent, typically party, drink beer and have loads of fun. I used to do that. In fact, I’m pretty sure I got stupid on many a St. Patrick’s Day. You know what I discovered last night? If you need to go shopping, for groceries or clothing, the best night in the world to go is St. Patrick’s Day. We actually got in and out of Aldi in 15 minutes flat. It was epic.

Mom bought me a new camera because I wanted a small one to take with me when I run and I would no longer risk dropping my phone. It’s a great little camera and I thought since she was here and I had this new camera, I could get her to take a photo of Chopsticks eating out of my hand. Apparently this was a lot harder than you’d think….

Feeding Chopsticks
Over the past four days, I’ve fed Chopsticks 2 loaves of bread and that is the closest my Mom has come to getting a shot of him actually taking the food out of my hand. Between Mom’s poor photography skills and the cost of bread, I could end up in the poor house before we ever get an actual picture.

WTF? It is Wednesday!

Now it’s your turn, tell me your WTF moment or moments.

9 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: Paintings that do not exist and bad photography.

  1. Chopsticks is a darling name. Never ask me to take a picture. I am the worst and unfortunately I am the person everyone asks to take their picture after a race. It’s embarrassing. I have tried to watch Bates Motel a few times and haven’t been able to finish without dozing off. We just started watching a new series on Netflix called Bloodline. It’s set in the Florida Keys. We like it. Love the actor who plays Danny.

    Since I missed WTF Wednesday, I will give you my WTF Weekend. Yesterday, sitting on the back porch step, having my coffee in the morning, I felt what I thought was a raindrop on my hand. Look up and realize it is a clear day. Say, “huh!, who knew it rained with blue skies.” Look down and realize a bird has pooped on my hand! Ewww, that is the sixth time a bird has pooped on me. Well, if you recall, the one time it was not on me, but in the beer in my hand, so technically only five times. Today, I go to sit on the same step, glance out towards the pond and smile at the chipmunk who is walking around it and then I feel something on my foot. It was ANOTHER chipmunk, sitting on my slipper. I jump…he jumps… Pretty cool:)

  2. New to the site and so far love it! I don’t mean to be rude, but what is Chopstick, a pelican? Maybe I need to do more back reading. I did some running in very bad St Patrick’s day false moustache, silly really seeing he didn’t have a moustache. Wish I had gone shopping instead. Cheers!

    • So glad you found me! Chopsticks is actually a Wood Stork that sort of wondered into my yard one day and decided to adopt us and the rest is history.
      Sounds like you had an interesting St. Patrick’s Day. I can’t even imagine running with a fake moustache, that seems so itchy. I’m pretty sure I would have scratched it and probably shoved it up my nose or something! 🙂

  3. I hate bad photography! When you hand your picture to a random stranger and ask them to take a picture that you immediately regret because it is out of focus or bad lighting or whatever! Thank God for the “selfie”!

    • This is so true. I once handed my camera to a stranger while visiting Sanibel Island and asked him to take a picture. I didn’t look at the screen until later and that’s when I realized he took a picture of some random chick that was beside me on the beach! I don’t know what was worse, that, or the fact that I gave my phone to a total creeper.

      • You have a lot of WTF moments! Good for the blog, don’t know how good that is for you 🙂

        I try to take a couple of pictures and ask the subjects to check if they like it.

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