We’ve just got some snow birds and training updates.

Good Morning…or at least I hope it is because I had a pretty rough night last night. I had one of those episodes where I throw up all night for no apparent reason, so yeah, let’s hope the morning and even the day is much better.

throwing up
I’m sure it goes without saying but I won’t be running today, that’s for sure! No, I’m just going to plow into some work and take a rest day. I could use it anyway because this past weekend was full of activities and adventures.

As you may know we were down in Venice over the weekend hanging out with MacGyver’s parents. I ran a lot on the Legacy Trail and I enjoyed every single minute of it! We also did a little dining, a little shopping, and a little house buying! Yep, the parents are going to be snow birds now and we’re pretty excited about it.

Englewood, Florida

Not a terribly bad view, right? LOL

In fact, I might have gotten a little too excited because I took my Mother-in-law to some garage and estate sales and we bought some pretty large furniture that we have no place to store until the closing, oops. I can’t help myself. I look forward to start decorating and setting up the new digs so much because, well if you know me, you know that’s my jam. I already created this basket based on some really cute designs we saw at a vendor’s booth in the local flea market.

Nautical Basket

What do you think?

If you have any ideas on some cute nautical décor, please send them to me because I love this stuff and I can never get enough!

Now moving on, since this is technically somewhat of a running blog let’s talk about my training last week, shall we? For the most part it went really well. I ran a total of 42 miles and I got in 4 really good strength training sessions including yet another one that kicked my butt!

Here’s how the week’s training went down:
Ran 8 easy miles on the legacy trail
Fitness Blenders 100 squat challenge
Cross Training – One hour bike ride
Ran 400 repeats with a max pace of 6:40! 3 miles total.
Blender Tank top arm workout
Ran 6.2 VERY easy miles at a 10:30 ish pace.
Blender’s most effective 100 squat challenge #2
No Running
Blogilates 1,000 squat challenge (This is crazy hard!)
Ran 8 miles at a 10 minute per mile easy pace.
Long run 14 miles easy pace at around 10:45.
3 Easy miles on the legacy trail at a 9:25ish pace.

In summary, I had a good amount of mileage for the week. I also included an arm workout but in the future, I’d like to include at least one more arm work out a week. I also want to do more cross training. I had planned on riding the bike again over the weekend but rain put a damper on those plans…damper, hehe…see what I did there!

So, that’s it in a nutshell. Hopefully I’ll be back to 100% by tomorrow and I’ll be able to get back out there. Wish me luck!

What did you do this weekend?
Did you work out?
Do you work out the day after having tummy issues or do you wait a while?

4 thoughts on “We’ve just got some snow birds and training updates.

  1. Almost every day is a workout for me! I’m getting better about balancing my training sschedule myself with my teaching schedule so I don’t overdo it – have a great week!

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