Tuesday Tangents and we have a winner!

Yesterday was supposed to be a great day. The operative word here is supposed.

We were in Venice on Thursday through Sunday of last week. I worked a bit on Thursday and Friday and in between my actual work, I helped MacGyver load truckfuls of furniture and we hauled them over to the Englewood house. On Saturday we went to over 70 garage sales and then I came home and did a shit ton of yard work and on Sunday my Mom and I cleaned the inside of the Venice house. So, with all that going on, I didn’t run at all. In fact, I didn’t work out period, because well, I was working out just not intentionally.

Anyway, I was really looking forward to running again on Monday and getting back into the swing of things.

having a bad day

I woke up bright and early yesterday morning and I got ready to go out for my run. I was thinking I would do 6 miles, nothing too long but long enough to feel really good about it. I got dressed, drank some coffee, stretched my legs, and took off. It started drizzling about a half mile in but the weatherman said we wouldn’t see heavy rain until much later in the morning so I wasn’t concerned and I guess that’s why I was a bit surprised by the downpour that happened at mile 2 and when it didn’t let up for the next mile I decided 3 miles was all I was going to get in and I headed home. I figured I’d head back out later in the day but we all know how that went….it didn’t.

I also wanted to do a youtube workout or two but well, that didn’t happen either. I couldn’t get the remote on the smart TV to work and it kept pausing anytime I tried to play a video. I got frustrated but fortunately I gave up before I broke anything and that was a first so there’s that.


I did manage to take a mid-afternoon nap for about 45 minutes and I really appreciated it much later because sometime in the early evening GoDaddy decided I didn’t have a stressful enough day and they rectified that situation by crashing my website. So if you tried to visit last night and got an error, that’s the reason. We got everything back up and running though and it only took us around 3 hours or so.  At least we finished only a few minutes after midnight…..

crappy customer service

Yesterday is over. Let’s start this day off on a happy note shall we? Let’s talk about a prize. The winner of the MealEnders giveaway is…..

Beth Blacker! Congratulations Beth, I’ve sent you an email.

I already feel better………except tomorrow is Wednesday. Uh Oh.

How do you get past bad days?

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tangents and we have a winner!

  1. Ooohhhh that all sounds very poo! Tomorrow will be better for sure (except you sound like you have something against Wednesdays). I’m planning on having a super lazy day tomorrow – hooray!! Hope things go well for you.

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