Getting ready for tomorrow…

As far as running goes, I took Friday and today off. My IT Band has been tight and no matter what I do I haven’t been able to work it out. Currently I’m soaking in biofreeze so we’ll see what happens. At least I can be somewhat proactive about it. The same cannot be said about the weather.


I really hope the heat doesn’t do me in. There is a high pressure anchored to the East of Florida and it will be here through the weekend. That means that Sunday the high will run about 5-8 degrees above average. I hope it doesn’t get as hot as it did on Friday, 87 degrees was crazy hot for this time of year.

In case you’re wondering why I’m so concerned about the weather, it’s because I’m running the Sarasota Half Marathon on Sunday so yeah, I’m concerned.

Sarasota half Marathon

I’m hoping my IT band loosens up and I can finish before it starts to heat up and that’s the plan. That being said, the course is beautiful, the race is extremely well organized and I’ll be running amongst many friends, so regardless of the weather or my time, this will be an epic race.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

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