Friday Favorites – Friday the 13th, Rock Candy Honey

Happy Friday the 13th! Did you know this is the second Friday the 13th of the year? And we have another in November, three in one year. Crazy.

Friday the 13th
Anyway, since it is Friday let’s talk about favorites.

First up, this guy.

Chopsticks disappeared for a while but he came back last week and we’re not sure what happened to him but now he has tracking devices all over him. It’s sad but he doesn’t seem to be affected by them.

I don’t think MacGyver believed me when I told him how Chopsticks eats out of my hand, until he actually saw it. Never doubt a Doolittle my friend, never!

MallardsThese guys are also favorites this week. I feed them every day as well, but they won’t eat out of my hand. They’re too busy getting all freaky and making duck porn to pay any attention to me.

Another favorite this week is making these baskets for the vacation house. This is my latest creation.

What do you think?

I learned a new way to do a plank recently and this week it became my favorite because I am actually seeing results faster than I ever have before. I might even be sporting a 4pack. Wanna know the secret? Well, instead of doing a basic plank turn your hands over with your palms facing up. Trust me on this one. You’ll see results much faster.

Last thing. These two jars of goodness and the person who brought them to me.

honey rock candy
My Mom is here! And she brought us homemade honey and rock candy! It’s so delicious I can’t even find the words to describe it.

Now it’s your turn, tell me about your favorites this week.

8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – Friday the 13th, Rock Candy Honey

  1. The planks thing seems like it would be hard on my wrists. If I wasn’t so lazy right now, I’d try!
    What kind of bird is Chopsticks (live the name)? He looks like a carrion eater, kinda (the head).

    • Choppy is a wood stork and he is funny as all hell. He eats out of my hand and I swear lately he pretends that he’s going to bite my hand and then rears his head back and sort of bounces it up and down like he’s laughing. It’s so cute.

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