WTF Wednesday – The washer and dryer saga

Sometime back in August, the washer at the Venice house started acting up. It would stop running mid-wash and then I’d have to open and close the lid a few times until it kicked back on. No big deal. I didn’t even bother mentioning it to MacGyver. Besides, we only paid 40 bucks for the washer and dryer both at a garage sale, so I’m pretty sure we got our money’s worth and then some. All the same, I hoped it would last for a while.

Broken Washing machine
After a few months of opening and closing the lid, that stopped working. Big shocker I know.

Anyway, I figured it was time to tell MacGyver about it. So, I told him what was happening and braced for his response which I assumed would be somewhere between “we don’t really need a washer down here anyway” to “why are you so bad with appliances?” I got the later response.

Soon after, MacGyver bypassed the timing mechanism thingy and the washer started working again…even with the lid wide open. Actually we had to leave the lid open, that’s the only way it worked.

washing machine lid open

You may be wondering why we didn’t just go buy the part and fix the thing properly. MacGyver doesn’t waste good money on parts when we can bypass circuits, duh! Besides nobody spends 30 bucks on a part for a forty dollar washer, not in the land that MacGyver and I live in anyway, not here in Thriftyville.

This weekend the washer finally died. MacGyver pulled it apart to solder some parts and get it working again but when I smelled the faint odor of burning wires, I put a stop to that. Once it becomes a fire hazard, I draw the line. It was time for a new washer.

broken washing machine


Thankfully we have an iPad and Craigslist and about an hour later we had a new washer, albeit used. It actually works quite well and MacGyver only had to rewire one part of it. The best part, it only cost 30 bucks with the trade in of our old one, less than the part to fix it would have cost. Score another one for Thriftyville!

We returned home on Monday night and yesterday I decided to wash our sheets and then I threw them in the dryer. Typically it only takes about 25 minutes to completely dry them but when I checked on them, they were still damp. I went through the same routine 3 more times until I realized the dryer wasn’t working. Yeah, it takes me a while.

Broken Dryer
It turns out the dryer is broken. It needs a new heating element and I know this because MacGyver spent two and half hours tearing the entire thing apart to investigate.

Tim the Toolman

The bad news is the part cost close to a hundred dollars. The good news is, I found all of this and more inside the dryer:

money from the dryer
It’s not quite enough to pay for the part, but $7.43 will most certainly buy me lunch at chick-fil-a today! So….Winning!

WTF? It must be Wednesday!

Are you good with appliances?
Have you ever broken a major appliance?
Chick-Fil-A, love it or leave it?

10 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday – The washer and dryer saga

  1. Our disposal bit the dust a few weeks before Thanksgiving, and then the dishwasher stopped working the day before Thanksgiving. Sometimes stuff just gets old. Right after that we had a pipe leak inside a wall and then the drywall guy broke the toilet when he was repairing the hole in the wall the plumbers made. So 2014 involved appliances and plumbing problems galore. I’m hoping for a dry, repair-free 2015!

  2. We have front loaders at one of the places I work and once a month we run it empty (no clothes) and use bleach instead of detergent. When that’s done, we just take a Wet Wipe and wipe out the rubber door seals. Pretty fast and easy and it seems to work! BTW You guys should do something about your money down there, it’s funny-lookin’!

  3. I need a new washer. The one that came with the house leaks. I should have kept the freebie, 40 yo maytags I had. I’ve decided I don’t like front loading washers. But I’m good with appliances usually.

    I like chik-fil-a.

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