WTF Wednesday, shopping isn’t sane.

I bought 3 new Vera Bradley purses last week. THREE! I’m not even sorry about it. They were all on sale so I can easily justify the purchases. What I cannot justify is the fact that I’ve been online all morning trying to find the matching accessories and luggage. Whatever, somebody needs to boost the economy. Might as well be me.

Vera Bradley purses

I prefer to shop for clothing and accessories over groceries but since we needed some essentials I went to the grocery store this morning. I went to Aldi since they are close, cheap and had the things I needed. I’m not sure why I torture myself in this way.

The store was ridiculously crowded by the time I got there but I made my way through the droves of people to each of the items I needed. At every item I had to wait as somebody picked through or picked over the very same thing I was looking for but finally, I got the things I needed and proceeded to the checkout.


Oh dear God, the hands! Hands and germs are everywhere!

In the checkout line there was a lady behind me and a lady in a blue jumpsuit directly behind her. The first lady had a few items in her hand and the lady in the blue jumpsuit had one item in her hand too, but she also had a bag chock full of stuff down by her side.

Normally if I see someone behind me with only an item or two and I have more, I’ll let them in front of me. This wasn’t the case today and so I opted not to offer up my spot in line, but that didn’t stop the lady directly behind me.

The lady behind me turned to the woman in the blue jumpsuit and said, “You only have the one item so why don’t you go ahead and get in front of me.” Of course I knew the lady had a bag full of stuff and way more than the girl in front of her and more than me, but the blue Jumpsuit lady replied “Oh no, I actually have some wine as well, in this bag here.”

ReallyThere was a lot more than a few bottles of wine in that bag I assure you. If it was only wine, it was a barrel of wine and probably some cheese too.

Just then the lady behind me said, “No really, it’s okay, go ahead and get in front of me”, and then she pointed to me and continued, “and I’m sure she won’t mind if you go ahead and get in front of her too.”

Are you out of your ever lovin mind?
Are you out of your ever-lovin’ mind?

Oh no you didn’t! Who does that? Who offers up someone else’s place in line? Obviously this lady was clueless but now everyone was looking at me and if I said no, I would be the bad guy. So I let the blue jumpsuit lady in front of me but I looked at the lady behind me and I sneered at her.

What else could I do? It would be really awkward to explain how I got an assault charge at the grocery store to any future employers or business associates, so I took the high road.

WTF? It must be Wednesday!

Tell me about a grocery store experience that you’ve had.

10 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, shopping isn’t sane.

    • Seriously, she doesn’t. I would have knocked her into next year if I didn’t have a fear of police and assault charges…Thank goodness for the wisdom that comes with age. 😉

  1. You are WAY nice, I would have said, no ma’am. This is why I too love to shop online, no rude folks offering to hand over my waiting time. I’ve been eyeballing Amazon Pantry because you can get groceries….and purses delivered right to your door lol Glad you got out of there without having to “borrow” a few bottles of that wine

    • LOL, borrowing that wine would have been a great idea! I could’ve used it after that experience and thanks for the info, I’m totally going to look into Amazon Pantry, Purses and Groceries for the win! I love it.

  2. First of all, I’m jealous about your Vera Bradley purchases! As for a grocery store experience I’ll never forget it. I had just lost my sister, I had an infant and did a lot of shopping. I had a lot if coupons too. The man behind me was huffing and puffing. Then complained out loud with cussing. I broke down in tears and told him, “you have no idea of what I’m going through. Want to change places with me?”

    • Oh my, what an awful experience. I’m so sorry you had to deal with someone so rude. Hopefully Karma has repaid him tenfold! I will never understand the actions of some people.

      Oh, I almost forgot…Steinmart is a great place to shop for Vera Bradley. I got them on sale, and then another half off the sale price. If you have a Steinmart, go there on the red dot sale days. 😉

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