The plan to improve my time and hopefully PR

Hey, how are you today?

We just got back from Venice last night so we’re playing serious catch up down here. We went down right after the race on Saturday and had tons of fun with MacGyver’s parents.

Are they not the cutest?

They are the cutest couple!

We even got to head out on the boat on Sunday and spend some time on the water and on a pretty cool island.

snake island venice


If I got stranded here, I wouldn’t even mind.

I took Sunday off and didn’t run at all but I did run a little bit on Monday and Tuesday because you know how much I love the Legacy Trail! Usually the week after a longer race, I take it easy. That’s the plan for this week. But all of that will change next week.

Runners Problems
I may have mentioned in my last post that I am setting a goal for the Sarasota Marathon, well not so much a specific time, but the goal is to accomplish something I spent all of last year chasing. I guess that technically counts as a time goal but not really. It’s more of an improvement goal. Does that make sense? No? Stay with me.

Instead of running the same old schedule with the same types of runs, week after week, I’m focusing on training to get faster and I’ll be doing the following:

I’ll be doing speed work weekly.
Since my hips went all wonky and I returned to running on a regular basis, my speed work has been sporadic at best. Starting next week, I’ll be doing at least one speed workout a week eventually progressing to two.

Strength Training 5 days a week.
Strength training doesn’t have to be a one hour session with weights. I am doing 15-20 minutes of strength training 5 days a week. I vary the workouts that I do, but mainly my strength training consist of core work and squats.

I’ll be running with faster friends.
I’m making it a point to run with faster friends because I know from experience that it helps me become a faster runner.

Who said Turtle's are slow?

Who said Turtle’s are slow?

I’ll be practicing strides
Strides are basically short bursts of running at your race pace, gradually reducing your speed and easy jogging in between. I find that when I practice strides, my running form actually changes. My stride length gets longer and I get faster.

Okay maybe not this fast but just look at that stride!

Okay maybe not this fast but just look at that stride!

For instance in the Best Damn Race, my average stride length was 94 and my average pace per mile was 9:30. If you look at my training log you’ll notice that the stride length during my long runs varies between 88-91 and in my 3 mile runs where I practice speed it goes up to 96.

I’ll be running more hills and bridges.
I have a natural aversion to running hills or bridges because I have always hated them, but in order to get faster you need them. Therefore, I’ll be running hills more often.

My training for the Sarasota half marathon starts Monday, February 16th and to keep myself accountable, I’ll post my weekly workouts on February 23rd, March 2nd, and March 9th. The race is on the 15th of March and I hope you’ll follow along with me. I’m looking forward to seeing how much I can improve in the next month and if I can complete the Sarasota Half Marathon with a sub 2:00 time.

Are you trying to get faster this year or shooting for a new PR?
What is the one thing you do to help improve your speed?

7 thoughts on “The plan to improve my time and hopefully PR

  1. Beautiful photos!! On our honeymoon we went to Antigua..seriously wouldn’t mind being stranded on that island lol and YES I plan on running a fast marathon in April. Aiming for a solid BQ time. Hills will definitely increase your strength and therefor your speed. Learn to love them 😉 oh and tempo runs are a must. Best to you on meeting your “not timed goals” 🙂

  2. Good luck with your improvement plan!
    I bet you can do it!
    I’m taking at least a week off. My toe (one of the ones I sprained) started aching more after my last run and I think it’s throwing my form off, too. I may not do any running until the Runway 5k on the 28th.

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