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Happy Tuesday!

Today is a day off from running for me. I’m doing some cross training a bit later in the day so I thought I’d go ahead and update this morning because there are two things I’d really like to talk about.

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard about the marathoner from the Austin Marathon who literally crawled across the finish line.

Crawling to finish lineApparently, Hyvon Ngetich had been in the lead for the first 23 miles of the race when she began to gradually fall behind and eventually her body gave out. She refused any help and went on to crawl across the finish line placing third with a time of 3:04:02.

Yesterday I was watching Fox News with my mother-in-law when I saw this story and I was truly blown away by the sheer determination on this woman’s face. If you want to see more of the finish, watch the video below.

The second thing I want to tell you about is a picture that went viral a few days ago.

The picture is allegedly an unaltered photo of Cindy Crawford during a shoot for Marie Claire back in 2013 and was leaked by Charlene White through her twitter account. Marie Claire does not deny the photo is real although it was leaked without their permission.

Here is a video of the photo shoot.

And here is the photo that was leaked.

Cindy Crawford untouched photo
I’ve seen the photo and I read a few articles about the photo and I saw Cindy’s husbands Instagram account where he posted a picture of his wife in a bikini recently.

What surprised me where all the comments on everything I read. Some people were very supportive of ‘real women’ and untouched photos. Some people doubted the photos were real at all, and some people accused the person who leaked the photo of shaming Ms. Crawford.

Cindy Crawford made a living as the picture of perfection and to this very day she can be seen in infomercials selling products from her skin care line. I looked at the photo. What I saw was a women who is real. I saw a women who is sexy, and I saw a women who is confident, and full of beauty, and that my friends is meaningful.

What did you think of the photo of Cindy Crawford?
What do you think of the runner who crawled across the finish line?

10 thoughts on “Meaningful Beauty….

  1. I loveI loveI love that CIndy Crawford photo! I don’t love the marathoner crawling and refusing assistance. I really think that as a leading marathoner, she should have showed that it is OKAY to listen to your body…even if that means finishing in a wheel chair, or taking a LONG break for an iv or whatever it is you need. I found that to be the opposite of inspiring; it made me sad because so many people who DO need to stop (and aren’t close to winning) severely hurt themselves because they want to finish so badly. 🙁

    • I have mixed feelings about it, but probably because I’m not the type of person who would risk hurting myself to cross any finish line. I was amazed at her determination, but it also made me a little sad for her.

  2. I think they are both inspiring. Thank you for sharing! Run, walk, or crawl but just never ever give up. I hadn’t heard about Cindi. I’m constantly arguing real beauty vs what’s airbrushed. It’s not fair for women to be constantly bombarded with lies about how our physical bodies “should” appear. I gave birth. My tummy isn’t airbrushed but it is perfection in my husband’a eyes. 🙂

  3. This confirms what I already sort of knew—-that I regularly sleep with someone who could be a super model! Yay for me! And yay for Cindy! I can’t remember any other time when so much has been made of photoshopping and how we are all being misled as to what true beauty actually is.

    • I don’t think there ever was a time like it, I’ve even seen an instagram account which shows the photos that are ‘photoshop fails’. It’s a crazy world that all we normal supermodels have to live in…. 😉

  4. My mom told me about the marathoner who crawled to finish line. I told “I feel like that sometimes only my crawl is closer to 6 hours when it happens and I’m not winning any world records.” lol

    That photo of Cindy Crawford is so real. I love it. Her tummy looks like my tummy. In the fitness world, we all feel such quiet shame if we don’t look like the fitness models. “You can look like this if you just worked out 100 hours day and stayed motivated to do it and ate right. You can have this body with some dedication and work!” It’s all just a bunch of BS and thankfully someone FINALLY let the cat out of the bag.

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