Lucky 13, VD, and throwing shade.

Today is Valentines Day eve and Friday the 13th. It’s also my little friend Jayde’s birthday. I’m just happy that it’s Friday and we are headed down to Venice tonight. Oh, and I’m happy that the weather is still cool because I ran 3 miles this morning with an average pace in the high 8’s!

Awesome Run

It’s been a crazy and busy week but I have some things that deserve mentioning and I need to tell you about so let’s get started.

Fifty Shades of Grey opens this weekend and I have absolutely no desire at all to see this movie. Why? Mostly because of Dakota Johnson, who is in my opinion, insipid and unintelligent, but also because I didn’t like the book and have no desire to see the movie. So there.

50 shades of awful


I love jewelry but I have had a really hard time finding running inspired jewelry that I like. Until this week…

running bracelet
This bracelet is so cute and I am sending the link to MacGyver because this would make the perfect Valentine’s day present for me.

Last night Jayde came over to open her presents since we won’t be here when she gets home from school today, (her actual birthday). For the opening of presents celebration, I made the best thing ever.

Watermelon cupcakes
Watermelon Cupcakes! Yes please.
Whatever you are thinking, it doesn’t matter, just go buy these and make them because they are beyond good. I promise.

Do you have a Fitbit? Have you experienced the Fitbit rash? Apparently this has been a problem for quite a few people, some of whom have complained to the company.

fitbit rash

Fitbit suggests not wearing the device for a while until the rash goes away which is hilarious because the entire point of the thing is to wear it all day!

Can you imagine if you had defective brakes and you called up Ford and they said, ‘Well just don’t drive the car downhill.’ I’m thinking that would not go over too well.

Remember last week when I showed you the ads for Celine featuring Joan Didion? Check out Carmen Dell’Orefice who at 83 years old just landed a magazine cover, and she’s beautiful y’all! I could only hope to look like that at 83.

Lastly, we just got a Trader Joe’s in St. Pete!

Trader Joe's

We usually go to the one in Sarasota when we’re going down to the house in Venice but now that we have one so close to home, I’m sure I’ll be shopping there more often. And the best part is, it’s located very close to Mazzaros! I love that place hard-core.

Hope you have a fantastic Friday the 13th!

What are your plans for Valentines Day?
What is your favorite thing from Trader Joe’s?

6 thoughts on “Lucky 13, VD, and throwing shade.

  1. Wow that 83 yr old is beautiful!
    I showed my daughter your IG photo of the cupcakes and she said, ooh! We have to make those! Haha

    Love that bracelet! It would be the perfect V day gift for a runner!

    Not to be a downer but tomorrow marks one year that my grandpa passed away. But my husband and I don’t care for V day anyway, so we go big for our anniversary. 🙂

    • As MacGyver says, Valentines Day was created by the card companies, he is so romantic, ha. Seriously though, it’s not really a big day for us either and I’m so sorry about your Grandpa. I think I remember reading that on your blog last year. I will say a little prayer for you today 🙂

      And the cupcake mix and frosting is available at Wal-Mart and it really is good! Let me know if you make them and how you like them! 🙂

  2. No plans for V Day. Hoping to sleep in and then maybe go for a run!
    I don’t go to Trader Joes very often Bc it’s kinda out of the way but I’m always impressed with their prices! I like a lot of their vegan chocolate offerings!

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