It’s the weekend update!

Good Morning! I hope y’all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day. We’re in Venice for the weekend hanging out and bumming around with the parents.

We got here Friday night and I baked some watermelon cupcakes but just for this special occasion, I made them in this shape:

Heart Shaped CupcakesHere’s a side note on that thought. If you bake cupcakes and put them in a big tupperware container and then place them upon the dining room table, it is wise not to leave your spoiled, and unruly dogs home alone for several hours. You will come home to find the tupperware container on the floor with some very jacked up cupcakes still inside and possibly green icing on the floor. Well, except for what leaked out and the dogs ingested.

Fortunately, tupperware was developed to withstand nuclear attacks on small countries so the damage was minimal but good times all the same. It never gets boring here. At least we can say that!

MacGyver gave me my Valentine’s day present on Friday night. We don’t always make a big deal out of Valentine’s day but this year he got me a little something. In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I have a hard time waiting on presents, (if I know I have one coming), and Friday night was no exception. In order to avoid my pain in the ass, incessant nagging MacGyver gave in…

Saphires and Diamonds
I didn’t have any sapphires, and now I have sapphires and diamonds! I love them. And I love MacGyver even more. He knows he doesn’t have to buy me jewelry, but when he does, he really buys me jewelry!

On Valentine’s Day, I got up early and ran 4 quick miles on the Legacy Trail. It was quick and relatively uneventful except for the huge bunny that ran across the trail in front of me. For a minute, I thought it was Easter.

After my run, we headed down to Englewood, Florida to look at a house.

Englewood Florida
Nice view huh?

After house shopping we hit up Flounder’s for a late lunch and early Valentine’s day dinner. It was delicious but even better is the atmosphere at this killer little place on Manasota Key. It is obviously the place to go. I kid you not, even the Mayor was there.

flounder shoe fence

Check out the shoes on the fence in the back. It’s a cute idea but did those people actually leave without their shoes?

The band was a local reggae band and they were pretty good.

corn hole

They even have corn hole tournaments in the front of the restaurant. If you’re ever in the Englewood, Florida area, this place is a must! Trust me.

After dinner we all came home to relax and I gave MacGyver his present which he was able to share with everyone.

And now we’re all in a sugar induced coma and headed to sugar rehab.

See ya Monday!

How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?
What did you do this weekend?

10 thoughts on “It’s the weekend update!

    • Corn hole is a game with 2 wooden boards that are slanted with holes in each one. The players place the boards in front of them and the objective is to throw a small little bean bag type thing through the hole in the other players board, I think. I’ve only played once and obviously, I didn’t win, 😉 I might have gotten a little buzzed but that’s what happens when you agree to do shots when you miss the hole! 🙂 Englewood is definitely a chill place and lots of great places to run and get outside.

  1. Hi! I’m in Florida for the weekend. I was thinking of you and your blog during running each morning. I do not know how you all run down here in NOT the winter. I thought I was going to melt this morning. This is like summer to me. (Minnesota, eh) Anyway it is awesome to have a weekend of summer in February!

    • So glad you get to enjoy Florida in February! It is quite nice isn’t it? I have mad respect for anyone that runs anywhere North of the Florida/Georgia State line, I am such a wuss when it comes to cold weather! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and the next time your down, contact me and if I’m anywhere near you, I’ll come running with you! 🙂

  2. Cute cupcakes! I looked for that flavor today at the grocery store but they didn’t have it. I’m sure I’ll find it at wal-mart.
    Your husband sure is a keeper! 😉 He went all out, didn’t he? haha

    I bought myself some Dove Chocolate. 😀 I’ve been eating it since yesterday..and I don’t feel guilty at all. lol
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  3. We are of the belief that every day should be Valentine’s Day so we don’t make a big deal about it other than a tradition that goes back to when we first started dated. I actually wrote about it yesterday in my blog if you want to take a look. It’s G-rated…I promise 🙂

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