WTF Wednesday The Frogs and Dogs Workout – It’s a killer.

Seeing as how I blew off my weight workout on Monday, I decided I needed to do some strength training yesterday. In case you weren’t aware, MacGyver and I are too cheap to join a gym so he sort of built me one in the loft over the garage, but then the kid moved up there. So, the gym was relocated to the back in the un-air conditioned portion of the loft. All I have to do is walk up those stairs and all the way to the back room.

Um, No.

Yeah, that’s just more of a workout than I intended. Besides, who needs a gym when you have a smart TV and YouTube? Right? Exactly! So, yesterday I found a great video with 20 minutes of squats and so that’s what I did. 20 minutes of squats. Holy butt cheeks is my ass sore! Dayuuuum.

That was hard. I mean really, really hard. It was a succession of many different types of squats but it was the fourth one that did me in. The fourth one was frog squats. FROG. SQUATS. Do you know who should do frog squats?


Frog Squats

Back up sister, let me show you how it’s done!

Here’s the best thing about YouTube, you can just find another channel. So long squats, see ya later. Bye Felicia.

I got most of my exercise cleaning the house yesterday anyway, thanks to the dog. Yesterday was the first day that I was actually motivated to do a little cleaning, so I proceeded to mop all the floors and I probably burned a few calories. Only a mere thirty minutes later Boomer went outside and then ran back in with dog shit on his paw.

Dog shit everywhere

By the time I actually caught his doofy ass and cleaned off his paw, it was all over my floors. So I burned a few more calories as I mopped the floors ALL over again. Now, there’s a workout you ain’t ever gonna see on YouTube. Anybody wanna help me film it? No? Oh well, wtf. It must be Wednesday! Just go with it.

Have you done any of the workouts on YouTube? If it’s a good one, send me the link.
Tell me your WTF moment from this week?

4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday The Frogs and Dogs Workout – It’s a killer.

  1. Love the “Toy Story” meme—I’m still giggling! Guess there’s a reason why pets work so hard to endear themselves to you!

  2. I’d do a squat video! Sounds killer. That would be a good one for running.
    Love your frog picture lol
    I’ve done some Barre videos. Or Barre like, I’ve never been to a class.
    No real WTF for me. Closest would be one coworker who just won’t take a hint lol

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