Thursday Things and a Tardis.

MacGyver and I celebrated his birthday last night with a low key evening at home. His parents are coming today for their annual vacation so we decided to wait and go out to dinner when they get here.

They’ll be staying at the Venice house and we’ll go down to hang out with them as often as we can. I’m actually thinking of re-doing one of the bedrooms down there. Currently it’s themed with nautical décor and there’s a murphy bed. Because the murphy bed it built into the wall, we’ll have to replace it with another murphy bed, unless we want to tackle a hellacious job. So, I went searching online to find a cool one.

I found this:

Tardis Murphy Bed

It’s bigger on the inside!

The Tardis bed was actually created by this lady and she gives step by step instructions as to how she built it. Now all I have to do is convince MacGyver that we need a Dr. Who room at the Venice house. This might take some time….

I was looking at the administration portion of my blog last night and perusing the stats. That’s when I saw the following, three searches that even threw me for a loop.

‘Black Human Poop’

Jesus on  a throne
Hmmmm. Do they mean black person poop or poop that is black? I’m pretty sure every human being has similar poop so I can only think they mean black as in the color of the poop. If that is the case, I’m pretty sure black human poop is not a good thing. In fact, it could be really bad. For the love of God, please go to the doctor and stop googling it!

‘By this time I had to pee’
According to my site stats, this is a common occurrence among several of my readers. This blog should come with a warning: ‘by the time you read this post, you will have to pee’.

need to pee

‘Where does Harry Connick Jr. hang out?’

Me and Harry and some other kids.

Why, with me, of course!

And now, it’s your turn….

Tell me your Thursday thing, GO!

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