The Friday Five – Frostbite from running, Merica!

It’s Friday…already! It’s crazy how fast this week has gone by. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining because, WEEKEND.

Anywho, since its Friday, let’s talk about 5 things, shall we?

#1 The Weather. Yes, I live in Florida so I’m sure none of you will be sympathetic to my woes but damn it is cold. Yesterday morning I ran 6 miles but instead of gloves, I thought I would be smart and take some hot hands, you know those hand warmer pack things.

Yeah, well, they didn’t work, and by mile 6, I was dying. DYING!

wrong running clothing

Yep, I feel ya.

I got six miles in and booked it back to my house where I could not open the garage door because my hands were so flippin frozen. I finally got it open using my knuckles and ran inside where I literally ripped my sweaty clothes from my body climbed under all the blankets and cried like a baby for over an hour.

My fingers were killing me. I seriously thought I had frostbite. Can you get frostbite in 39 degrees with 30 mph winds?

I used to think I was such a bad ass…… I am a wuss. A cold weather wuss.

#2 This week, Theresa Giudice, the Real Housewife of New Jersey who was convicted of mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud, reported for Prison. I’m really sick of seeing articles written about her and her plight in every news feed I see. And at the same time, I can’t get the following images out of my head and it gives me great joy.

RedTheresa real housewife
You fucked with the cook Theresa. You fucked with the cook. I hope you ain’t hungry….

#3 On February 8th, The Walking Dead returns and I am holding my breath. AMC recently posted the teaser.

The Walking Dead
I disagree, the New World needs some Daryl Dixon. I seriously hope they don’t kill him off because I don’t think I’ll be ever be able to watch again. I mean, Beth was a wash but Daryl, that’s a character with some substance….and a bow and arrow, I mean, c’mon! You never know what will happen though because I’ve heard that the new season is all kinds of bat shit crazy.

#4 For a few years now, I’ve been getting a little pain in the left side of my upper abdomen. Actually, it’s not really a pain, it’s more like a dull ache or sort of a hunger pain except I’m not hungry. It’s more annoying than anything which is most likely why I haven’t bothered to ask my doctor about it. Yesterday it got the better of me and I consulted a leading expert on the matter, (and by leading expert I mean Google).

Googling symptoms
And Google says……

It’s either a bad case of gas or pancreatic cancer. I spent the entire night making myself fart just to convince myself that Google was wrong. Google is dangerous business.

Except when Google gives you excellent information like this….

Cold Weather

Apparently it was possible for me to get frostbite! Therefore, I am still a bad ass!

#5 The Craigslist obsession persists with MacGyver. I suspect it should slow down a bit for the next week or so however, since we are now the proud new owners of a 1988 lifted jeep wrangler, to use specifically for ‘muddin’. (Because two ATV’s and a plethora of motorcycles are never enough.)

Our new jeep

That’s a picture of the jeep we’re picking up tomorrow. Why yes, it really does say ‘Merica’. Fuck yeah.

Do you like running in cold weather?
Do you ever google symptoms when you have an ache or a pain?
Most importantly, do you watch the Real Housewives?

10 thoughts on “The Friday Five – Frostbite from running, Merica!

  1. Living in a part of the world where it is currently 3 degrees F and for the better part of the last week has hovered around 5 or 6 degrees, I am going to deftly (and politely) sidestep your windchill issue! lol.
    I love it when reality T.V. “stars” hit the skids—it seems like just a small indicator that karma might actually exist!
    Never really got into the Walking Dead—we’re still hepped up on trying to get our hands on the final season of Sons Of Anarchy!
    Googling your symptoms? I’m gonna duck that issue……
    No experience with Craigslist. And the closest thing to an ATV in our garage is a snowblower, which you’ve probably never heard of lol!

    • What is this machine you call a snowblower and how or why would one use such a thing? Bwahahahaha Hang in there, winter will be over before you know it. That’s what I’ve heard anyway. 😉

  2. Girl you are more tough than me! I’ll head straight to the gym treadmill if it’s below 40 degree’s out! haha We have lots of fog around here and that is NOT fun to run in..breathing in icy cold air is no fun. It stings going in…I ran in some cold temps a couple years ago and almost paid the price by tripping a few times because my toes were numb! Ya,…didn’t do that again.
    That’s a sweet jeep! I keep trying to convince my husband to buy me a lifted four door jeep but he’s not having it… says it’ll cost too much in gas. Psht…

    • I can’t believe how much Jeeps are worth, especially in Florida. We saw 20 year old jeeps going for 10,000 and up, it’s crazy. I had a little mercedes convertible in mint condition that I sold a few years ago, and it didn’t hold its value like some of these jeeps. Blows my mind. Maybe you can convince your husband if he looks at what they sell for. 😉

  3. ‘Merica! LOL. Wow. Love it.

    So, yes, I have to really be careful with the weather in Colorado. I have a condition of poor circulation in my hands/feet but I am also very determined to run outside because inside runs (while a good option B) are just not the same. The other day it was 1F but with my proper gear (and yaktrax) I stayed warm. The hot hands (which I buy in bulk) work great when used under heavy, loose fitting insulated mittens.

    And, too often I have used Google for myself and also my dog (note: don’t google “sluggish dog”). I always regret it but keep coming back for more with every little ache, pain or skin discoloration (or, as mentioned before, a dog that seemed a bit sluggish one day…..sigh)..

    • LOL, I bet you have Raynaud’s. Guess who else has it 😉

      I will say this for google, when my dog Ruby was sick, I was able to find a vet specialist who I credit with saving her life. She was in New York and developed a treatment plan for me which she gave to my vet. Unfortunately Ruby died about a year later from another illness but I am so thankful to that doctor because I had an extra year with my girl.

      Boy that took a somber turn. Let’s turn that around.

      Have a fabulous Friday, Yay Weekend woooooooohooooooooo! 🙂

  4. This post cracked me up this morning. I needed to laugh and that GIF from OITNB and Theresa from RHOJ did the trick. You can have that running in freezing temps business but I certainly do applaud you for your tenacity!

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