The Best Damn training for the Best Damn Race.

This weekend I ran ALL the miles…just kidding, but I did have two really good runs.

Saturday was the absolute best, That was my long run day and I had three main goals.

1. Run 14 miles.
2. Run at a pace a minute below my half marathon goal pace and…
3. Run a negative split.

Oh look, it's another one of those garmin shots I always say I hate...

Oh look, it’s another one of those garmin shots I always say I hate…

Nailed it! I ran 14 miles in 2:19:32 with a negative split just shy of 1 minute. BOOM! POW!

On Sunday, I had a slow recovery run on my schedule that would take me along a route that has quite a few hills. I was tempted to run an easier route but I stuck with my schedule and ran 8.2 miles on Sunday. My time was 1:24:51. I was tempted to push myself and run faster but I stuck to my plan and afterwards I felt pretty darn good about it. (It wasn’t all peaches and cream though, I still hate hills.)

I’m being super careful to take at least two days off a week, (today is one of them), and to slowly build my endurance and speed while avoiding anymore injuries because… just under 3 weeks on February 7th, I’ll get a chance to see how my training has paid off. On that day I’ll be running The Best Damn Race in Safety Harbor, Florida.

The Best Damn RaceThe Best Damn Race is in its 3rd year and I’m particularly fond of this race because it all began in Safety Harbor which is basically my backyard. Let me go ahead and throw this out there in case you’re wondering, this is NOT a sponsored post and I have NOT been provided with a free race entry. In fact, after last year, I wanted to run this race again so badly, that I registered for it while I was in the process of cleaning out a Vultures cage in moccasin Lake Nature Park! Seriously.

Elvis the Vulture

Just stay on the perch Elvis, I’m registering for the Best Damn Race

Besides the absolutely fantastic and beautiful race course, if you register early enough, you can get entry for as little as a buck and they also give you free photos. Although it’s a bit late for any of that this year, it’s something to keep in mind for next year and the Best Damn Race is in 4 cities now so you’ve got some options!

The swag for this race is also pretty sweet. They’ve got some awesome tech tees, great medals that spin, and an amazing after party at the Safety Harbor Marina by the pier. It really helps that this race was created by runners for runners and in case you had any doubts, I highly recommend this race.

By most people’s comparison, it would probably be considered a mostly flat course, and in relation to the Iron Girl or the Clearwater Distance Classic, it is. That being said, Safety Harbor isn’t nearly as flat as you might think and there are some hills in there. That’s one of the reasons I’m running hills, I want to be prepared.

Best Damn Race SH elevation
My goals this year have changed since my injuries of last year and I haven’t been able to do the speed work I’d really like to do…but that being said, I sure would love to ring that PR Bell at the end. Because you know what that would be? That would be the best damn thing ever!

Lastly, I wanted to show you the best picture ever. It’s got two of my most favorite things, Norman Reedus and a Puppy!

Norman Reedus and a puppy

Fortunately for you, I stalk his ass on instagram. You’re Welcome.

What’s your next race? What’s your favorite race?
Are you following a training plan?

8 thoughts on “The Best Damn training for the Best Damn Race.

  1. Congrats on the training plan, Flower, sounds like you’re bang on! Okay now, I was looking at that elevation chart and some of those “hills” go STRAIGHT UP, Missy, you’re gonna need ropes and carabiners, at the VERY least! lol

  2. FLOWER!!!!! I miss you! So proud of your running lately…you’ve been nailing it! I ran in Del Oro Park and and on the ream Wilson trail on Saturday ( did 15 miles altogether ) ran most, walked some with friends… was gorgeous ( but chilly ) I was sick, sick sick yesterday ( thought I was dying of the flu but got in 3 miles early before it hit) then spent 5 hours on the couch ( SO not me) then went to bed….woke up conjested but feeling great so i went for a chilly causeway run…clocked in 8.5 this am ( but slow 1hr 18 min)…..I too am running Best Damn Race but only signed up months and months ago for the 10k….. May change to the 1/2…. We’ll see…….are you running Iron Girl….I haven’t signed up yet…..need a running peep :).

    • I miss you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to do iron girl again but I haven’t signed up yet either. I think we should do it together! Let’s meet up before Best Damn Race and discuss this and maybe go for a little run..if you don’t mind slowing down a bit for me. 🙂

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